It’s been almost a week since the fire I started for the ghost that asked for my help. It felt good to help her, but I still haven’t found out what’s going on with me. Everything else in my life seems fairly normal. School is as busy as always, but it’s boring. My counselor is always hounding me about applying to different colleges, but I’m unsure if I even want to go. I’m thinking maybe going to a trade school instead of having to go through basic classes again.


Work has been slow since not many people liked to eat Quizno’s. I’m sure it’ll be out of business soon and I should start looking for another job. Home life was pretty boring too. I’d come home too late to spend time with my parents or when we would spend time together they would ask the same questions of how was school or work or if I made any friends. The answers were always all the same.


One thing I am certain of is that the most excitement in my life has been these past couple of weeks involving these supernatural experiences. Sometimes I often find myself looking around after work to see if I’ll spot something else. So far nothing has happened just yet.


It’s now closing time and there is this one antique shop around the corner that stays open. For the past few days there is this nagging feeling telling me to stop in, but I haven’t. I think tonight will be the night since its Friday and its payday.


After turning out all the lights and locking the place up I make my way towards the small shop. There’s a chill in the air causing me to zip up my hoodie as I continue forward. Before entering I stand and look at all of the trinkets lined up at the windows. Cleo’s Antique shop with white cursive letters with gold trimming blocked most of what I saw. My eyes continued to scan until I saw movement in one of the back isle where there were statues.


The sound of a bell jingling pulled me out of my trance and towards the source. An old woman that looked to be in her seventies was looking at me and smiling. She had coffee colored skin, with pure white hair nestled in a loose bun on top of her head, and she had the kindest eyes.


“Have you found anything you like?” she asked.


“No, ma’am. Not yet.”


“Well come on inside. It’s a bit chilly out here, and you’d be more comfortable looking in.”


I followed her inside, and my eyes widened in awe at how big the inside was. The shop seemed to expand the more I walked around and looked at all of the great trinkets carefully shelved. I’m unsure of how much time passed until I got to the statue section. There were all kinds of statues ranging from old to new, broken and whole, and scary to beautiful. Sitting near the end of the isle on a top shelf was a gargoyle.


It was not very large, but it was definitely intimidating. The stone was perfect and smooth to where you were able to see every detail of this grotesque thing. The wings were large and perfectly perched as if it was about to take off, the shoulders and collar bones reminded me of a human as it sat on all fours like a dog. Its teeth were sharp as its mouth was slightly open, and it had two horns coming from its head and curling back. I’m not sure how long I was staring at it, but I jumped in fright when the old lady touched my shoulder.


“Ah, I see you’ve taken a liking to old Enzo here.”


“Enzo?” I ask.


“Yes dear. That’s his name.”


I looked back at the statue and for a moment I thought I saw movement in its eyes. Strange.


“How much is he?”


“Enzo here is free. He’s been with me for quite some time. Now it’s time for him to protect another,” she says.


I frown, looking confused, “Protect?”


“Yes dear. Gargoyles are known to protect their owners from evil and harm. Would you like to take him home? I know he looks heavy, but he really isn’t. Do you have a place to put him?”


“My bedroom window has a post that he can sit on outside of it.”


“Well grab him and take him. He’s all yours,” she says.


After several more minutes of looking around and speaking with the old lady whose name is Cleo, I grab Enzo and an old looking book I found and headed home. My parents were already asleep when I got in so I just headed to my room. I sat Enzo on my desk, and left to use the bathroom.


I froze when I came back in to see the statue now sitting on top of my dresser looking at me. I wanted to scream, but my voice seemed to have disappeared. It blinked at me and turned its head as if confused about my silence.


“Well are you just going to stand there or are you going to introduce yourself child?” it hissed at me. It had a male voice with a British accent.


“I’m. I’m…,” I found that I couldn’t speak. The statue was talking to me!


“Come with it now, child. Cat got your tongue?” it teased. Its previous scowl was placed with a smile which made it seem much more sinister than before.


“My name is James.”


“Well James it’s nice to meet you. I’m Enzo, your new guardian.”


It…no he was talking to me. A grotesque statue of a gargoyle was in my room talking to me. What the hell was going on?


“Take your time child. We’ve got all night,” he says with a smile.


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