Hello my lovelies. I can’t remember the last post I’ve made talking about dreams and nightmares; however, I know I speak on them a lot. So I have another for you. It’s not an interpretation, just an experience that I’ll share with you all. I don’t have nightmares often, but I do experience strange dreams.


It is said that your dream state is heavily affected by your current mental and emotional state. You’ll find people saying that eating certain things before bed can also affect what occurs in your dream state that is unless you’re a lucid dreamer. Lucid dreamers have the ability to control what happens in their dreams, and are overall aware of dreaming. Any fears and anxieties holding in your mind can greatly affect some of your dreams.


I am able to lucid dream to some extent. If I’m truly exhausted then I’ll be in a deep sleep and can only remember bits and pieces of a dream. I’m able to recall most of my dreams which gives me most of my inspiration for the stories I write. Although I find it interesting, I’ve never found food to cause any “out of the norm” dreams for me. Maybe I should experiment…


Last night I had a dream that I could classify as a nightmare. I didn’t wake up in a cold sweat or screaming, but none the less I did wake up. I went to bed late and was particularly tired. It was a long day and after exercising, working out, and eating I was then able to relax fully. I watch make up tutorials on YouTube before heading to bed. It was a normal night to say the least.


Lately I have been having a hard to fully sleeping because my head would itch at night. I’m thinking it’s because of a certain shampoo I used the week before or the hair dye that I used that’s causing an allergic reaction. It could also be the coconut oil or argan oil that I use to oil my scalp but to say the least it has to be a reaction or dry skin. I’ve been scratching with the pads of my fingers relentlessly.


Before bed I was thinking of how bad I’ve been scratching and if it would create any bald spots or cause my hair to fall out. So I did a Google search on it all and say red scalps and dandruff and the likes. Content with my search and the next steps I should take I went to sleep. I woke up around a little after three in the morning and ran to the bathroom to check my scalp and hair.


The dream started off pleasant to say the least. I decided to not manipulate the dreams and let them run their course. It was then when the focus became on me. I was in a bathroom looking in a mirror horrified at what I saw. My hair was short and thinning tremendously, there were bald spots around my head, but I could discern that from the badly inflamed red scalp that was bulging from my head. Little white specs of dandruff were all throughout and the look on my face woke me up.


Needless to say my heavy concern about my scalp issues played a major role in the outcome of the dream. My subconscious drew up a scenario of my concern and used it against me. The image that is now ingrained heavily in my memory will not be forgotten.


I just wanted to share that with you all. Have any of you had a similar experience? Are you able to lucid dream?


Thanks for stopping by Grim’s Crypt.


Image: from Pintrest