Hi guys, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Well many things are happening and in between I find myself writing less. It’s ok though. Sometimes life demands attention, but soon I’ll be back to writing every single day. There are times when writing needs to be halted in order to continue writing good stories and poems. Most times I find myself reading other’s work or listening to Mr. Creepy Pasta on YouTube reading the work of other authors. It all gives me inspiration.

So I wanted to share something with you all that I find creepy as hell. I can never zoom in fast enough to snap a picture as I am on a moving train, but maybe one day I’ll get it. On my train rides home we pass a lot of apartments that you can veer into once you’re away from downtown. There is this one apartment that you can see into that has these old Asian inspired garb wearing dolls in the window. One of the dolls is so big you can mistake it as a person.

I remember looking out the window and staring into the homes passing by. Yes, I know that’s a little creepy of me, but it’s all for a good cause. I need new ideas on how to decorate my apartment, and also maybe something that’ll be good for a story. I haven’t come up with one just yet, but the dolls are it. They’re inspiration for another horror story that I have ruminating in the back of my mind.

Come on, just imagine you’re staring out and something from afar catches your eye. You flinch and fear surges through you in an instant because you see what you think is someone dressed creepily staring at you as you’re on a passing train. If your eyesight is good you’ll be able to see the dolls just barely against their dark background; especially the big one. It’s like it’s peeking out from the darkness to watch you. It freaked me out a bit.  I wondered if that was the owner’s intention. If so, well congratulations because every time I notice that particular window, I shudder.

Look out for a story sooner rather than later about these dolls. Hopefully I’ll be able to capture a picture to show you all. Until then, tootles!


Image: from blumhouse.com