Wicked workings of this warped mind leads me on a path of destruction,

Where inner inhibitions had gone wrong and led astray.

The war held within this anguished mind wreck all sense of reality.

Right from wrong, and right and wrong hold no sense, and in a sense that makes sense.

Ragged thoughts of a world of free emotions strangle one another within me.

As I lie in bed with my eyes closed I can see the struggle happening and yet I do nothing.

Maybe the chaos is what keeps me sane when things are clearly insane, and warps my reality.

Heads on spikes surround the inside of my closed eyes as the innards of my emotions are spewed about like the blood from a battle.

Wondering of what this means riddle me confused as I watch my anguish in a sleepless state.


via Daily Prompt: Spike

Image: from Pintrest

This is a free verse poem I wrote with no thought into what it may mean. I have no thoughts or words for how I feel other than emotional and this came up. Hope you all enjoy the read, and feel free to comment what you’ve interpreted from this poem. Much love and thanks,

Grim Angel