I dried my fake tears and carefully grabbed my phone remembering the poison that I coated the sharp points of the small sculpture there. I quickly checked the weather to make sure that the storm was going to hit soon. Suddenly, the sound of thunder clapped so loud that it sounded like it echoed throughout the house. The pattering of rain quickly followed after that. The next phase of my plan was to be set in motion at any point now so I had to move quickly.


“I’m going to roll you to mother’s room now,” I say to Perdi as I help her into her wheelchair. Before I had the chance to push out into the hall the lights went out. You could hear my step-mother gasp at the same time Perdi jumped.


“Hold on! I’m going to get some candles!” I yell loud enough for Stella to hear.


I ran to my room using my phone’s light to guide me. Just as I entered my room my foot hit something I didn’t catch in the phone light and I fell and hit my head. Something oozed from my scalp as I scrambled to get up and realized I was bleeding. A little foggy, I managed to get some candles and a lighter from my dresser’s drawer. I made sure to slowly walk back towards Perdi.


“What was that sound I heard?” she asked as I approached.


“I fell and hit my head. I’m ok though. I have the candles.”


You could hear Stella whimpering as we got to her room. After pushing Perdi in front of her mom, I fumbled to get the candle lit.


“Stupid child! Hurry up!” yelled Stella.


A warm flicker of light softly illuminated the room. I passed the candle to Perdi to hold while I lit another. Uncontrollable sobs entered the air as Perdi now saw what had happened to her mother. Stella hushed her and told her what happened while I got the last of the candles lit.


“Have you called the police?” asked Perdi.


“I tried when I was running to my room, but no service. I think the storm knocked out a tower.” I explain.


They didn’t know about the circuit box right outside the back of the mansion where you can control all of the electricity of the house. It proved to be just a minor hiccup in the construction of it from years ago. Father and I would always have to wait out the storm to go out and fix it, but luckily we were able to fix the door to where it would withstand a storm. I made sure that the door to the box was loosened so when it did storm the lights would be short-circuited. It was all part of the plan and things were going smoothly until I hit my head.


My vision kept going in and out as I tried to continue to help Stella and her bleeding leg. She was drifting in and out of consciousness as she held her candle.


“Is she going to die?” asked Perdi.


“No. She should be ok for now. I’m hoping the blood slowed enough to where she won’t bleed out sooner rather than later. Once the storm calms down I’ll be able to get the car and take her to the hospital and talk to the cops about Prudence.”


“Will you be ok? There’s a lot of blood coming from your head?”


Her concern shocked me, and for a moment I found myself unable to answer. “Yea I should be fine.”


Another fifteen minutes pass when Stella finally passes out completely and drops the candle. The floor was made of wood and it quickly came ablaze. Perdi’s screams accosted the air as her mother’s body burned in front of her. I tried to get up quickly, but the wound on my head caused me to falter.


“Isabella!” yelled Perdi.


Fumbling I tried to get to her before the flames took hold. The burnt smell of flesh is one I’ll never forget as I’ll never forget the sight of them burning before my eyes. My chest started to burn as I watched Perdi cook in front of me, and realized I needed to get out of there before my exit closes.


By the time I made it outside to my car the house was almost completely in flames. The inferno was so strong that the rain from the storm failed to calm it. Then I heard it. The screams I heard fell in sync with the roar of the flames and the patter of the rain. It was almost like watching a magical scene from the movie, and these sounds created the perfect music for this moment.  Prudence was still alive. Well now she isn’t as I turned towards my car after the screams were silenced.


In my rear view mirror I watched the mansion I had once called my home crumble away. I couldn’t simply hide the smile on my face as I drove off in success and freedom.


Previously: Isabella: Part 4