When I first created this blog there were zero followers. I wondered how I would be able to share my poetry and stories with so many people and this was the best way for me. For years I’ve longed to create a blog, but I wasn’t sure as to what it would be about. For a lot of people that knows me personally and follows my blog understands that this is something personal. I write a lot of scary, creepy, dark, and weird things. You all know this.

So this past December in 2016 I went ahead and moved forward with creating Grim’s Crypt after so long. My niche is horror, but I wanted more to be a part of this blog for other’s to get to know me on a personal level. This is a safe space I created for myself and other’s like me. Turns out, this blog is gaining more exposure than what I initially thought. I came into this with no expectations other than just having a small fan base, but you all surprised the hell out of me. I love you all.

Below are some links to the first few poems and prose that I posted on this blog. They haven’t gotten much exposure and wanted to share with my almost 180 followers here on WordPress. You guys mean the world to me and is part of my every day inspiration to continue writing my short stories, series, and poems.