Silence, something I took for granted for a long time and I would do anything to have that right now. A symphony of moans and groans placate my ears from morning to night consistently. If I could have a headache it is certain that I’d have an everlasting one right now. Every day at every moment no matter where I roamed there were always the same sounds.


Groaning is a great way we communicate with one another since most of us do not have tongues or vocal cords. And it wouldn’t matter if we did, we no longer was able to speak period. No one who wasn’t like us were able to understand what we were saying. They only proceeded to kill us off one by one with blows to the head permanently silencing us when all we were wanting was food.


It’s the hunger that always kept us on the move. We’d travel in herds across lands in search of something to end our hunger indefinitely, but to no avail. None of us wanted to die, but it seemed like that was the only way to end our suffering because when were able to come across food it wouldn’t be enough. We’d be sated for a day, but then the hunger returns like an old lover coming to ruin the happiness you’re currently in with someone else.


I roamed aimlessly with a grumpy crowd that always complained and groaned at the lack of food. I groaned because I wanted to both silence my ears and as well as my suffering. I had enough of this type of life and know I deserved better. We roamed for days without coming across any food, or what I call those who were not like us.


It was one day I decided to separate from the others. It was known that those who travelled alone weren’t likely to survive. That’s what I wanted. For days I walked alone in search of coming up food that was most likely to kill me. The only thing that kept me going was the comfortable thought of silence.


The moon was high in the sky which made it easier for me to see. The sound of water running was coursing through the air and I knew I was near a stream or river. Without a second thought I walked that way to see if there was anyone else around.


A small fire near the stream was ablaze, but no one was around it. I groaned in protest in hopes of encountering someone with the brains to end me. The more I stared the closer I walked to the red and orange flames. I wondered if that would end me.


Suddenly I flew to my side and ended up in the stream. The blow of the kick the food gave to me was strong enough to send me flying. The strength of the river swept me away as I gazed into the eyes of a grey eyed man almost as big as a bear. Well, there goes my hope for silence.


Image: from Google (scene from the Walking Dead television series)