Sara glanced around the cave in awe as I quietly searched the area for the djinn. He was nowhere in sight and I had to thank daylight for that. It was high noon before we ran into anything that remotely looked like it would be able to help us.


“Come look at this,” I say to Sara.


In my hands I held on old brown withered book that was bound by thin rope with ancient hieroglyphs and runes on the front cover. As I began to unwrap the binding, dust particles wafted through the air causing me to have a coughing fit. When I opened it some of the pages began to crumble and emit more dust.


“Are you ok?” asks Sara.


“Yea, it’s just this dust. Can you make out any of the markings?”


Sara was at the top of our class when it came to reading hieroglyphs. Her small fingers strolled over the text as if she was reading brail. She’d stop and continue on to the next page with a heavily furrowed brow.


“I can only make out some of this,” she says. “From what I can tell this contains small elements from the Book of the Dead, but the text is so ancient I’m unsure as to if what I am able to read is actually right.”


“I can read hieroglyphs just a bit, but it’s the runes that have me stumped. I never encountered any of them before. Only one of them looks familiar and that’s the one that looks like a side-ways M. It stands for sun, but that’s the Latin version. Everything else doesn’t look familiar,” I say.


Our brows continue to furrow as we look through the book. After what seemed like an hour we came across a chapter filled with images. It looked as though the images were telling a story. There plastered on the page were the djinn that I had summoned. There were images of it killing people to regenerate itself, but one of the images shook me to my core.


The last individual the djinn killed in the image had its eyes stolen, and then what it looked as if his soul or essence was being sucked out of him and into the djinn. The next page showed the fully regenerated djinn and what looks to be him standing on top of a pyramid with his arms outstretched while black clouds were spreading throughout the land.


“What does it mean?” asked Sara.


“I don’t know, but it can’t be good.”

I kept searching through the pages in hopes of finding something to destroy the djinn and spare me from a damning fate, but to no avail. We continued to look until we realized the time. We had found nothing and it was only an hour from dusk. Fear began to rise within as I knew once the sun had set the djinn would set out for me. Guilt also coursed through me as I realized what I had released into this world. Sara must have felt my anxiety because she came over and placed a hand on my shoulder.


“I’m sure we’ll find something on how to stop it. We still have time,” she says.


“No, we don’t,” I say as I stare at the minute hand on my watch.


“May be we should go somewhere it won’t find us, and wait it out til the sun rises.”


“Where would we hide? It’s magic, or evil or whatever! There is no escaping this for me. You can go if you want. Get out while you can. There is no telling what will happen once it fully generates.”


“I can’t just leave you. That’s wrong!”


Before I could respond to her there was a loud crash in the corner of the cave. A large rat had knocked over some jewelry and a vase that lay on a golden table. The only thing that was left there was a stack of old papers. We didn’t notice these before, but that may have been because of the amount of treasure burying it.


Hope surged within me as we happened upon some papers that would tell us how to defeat the djinn. We snatched them off the desk, and before we could take a glance a loud roar echoed through the cave. He was back.


“Come on!” exclaimed Sara as she grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the cave. We ran as fast as we could; didn’t realize that the time we had left passed so fast. I’m just hoping we have enough time to figure out how to destroy it.


Previously: Cave of Wonders: Part 3