Last night I was in bed staring up at a dark ceiling when a memory from when I was younger entered my mind. Before this memory I was focusing on calming my overactive mind so I could fall asleep, but failed to do so. Thoughts of who I am and what shaped me to be the person I am today formulated in my mind and brought back memories. I couldn’t help but think of certain things I used to think when I was younger as my imagination was surely eccentric.

There was this one time in the Gardens (the neighborhood I grew up in) when there was a chemical spill near by. The neighborhood stood not far from a number of factories and companies involved with the waste management, metals, and water reclamation. I must admit that it isn’t the most ideal area to have a neighborhood. The air out there never smelled fresh. There were always smells of sulfur and other things you wouldn’t be able to place.

I’m uncertain as to which facility had an accident, but I remember there being a neighborhood alert stating that it’s not safe to be outside especially for those with asthma. We were told by firemen and policeman who adorned masks to stay inside and make sure all doors and windows were closed and locked. As a child you can imagine how confusing and alarming all of it was.

My mom was too busy getting my younger sibling settled while gathering information from the servicemen and making sure all doors and windows were locked. I remember sitting on my bed in my room looking at the window that was currently open; I had no idea what a chemical spill was. As a child the thought formulated in my head that it was a bunch of piranhas swimming through the air and attacking people. At that point I started to cry, and of course my mother came and closed the window and helped calm me down.

I broke out in laughter as I thought of this memory. Indeed my imagination was eccentric, I mean piranhas swimming through the air? Of course, it’s all because I was young and didn’t know any better. It still tickled me though. I wanted to share that memory with you all because I find it absolutely funny. I was such a strange child with strange thoughts but I reckon we all were.


Image: by Akira Akilion

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