The moon was high in the night’s sky without a cloud in sight. Hoots from owls and the songs of crickets rang throughout the dark woods creating a somber mood as my feet continued to beat against uneven ground. Beads of sweat fell down the sides of my bruised cheeks and mixed with the saltiness of fallen tears. My chest burned from pushing my body far past its limits, but I knew that I couldn’t stop.


A loud cackle rang through the air, and struck fear in my heart. I could see her clear as day in my mind as I remember her making me drink a horrid elixir she concocted from her cast iron caldron. The taste of it left me feeling foul and sick, and I could only look at her with wide eyes.


“What did you do to me?” I exclaimed at my girlfriend.


I remember her emerald cat-like eyes surround by long strands of raven hair stare at me with pleasure. She pushed me to the ground and laughed. She moved with grace as her hips twitched with a rhythm that’ll hypnotize you. Now standing at her caldron, she glanced at me only slightly as she stirred.


“I’ve poisoned you, love.”


“What! With what! Why would you do such a thing?”


I didn’t even see her move as she appeared in front of me and grabbed a handful of hair to pull me to her crystal ball. She chanted some guttural sounding words until the insides of the ball began to swirl.


“Look closely and you’ll see why you cheating cow!”


I looked closely and saw myself at the bar my friends and I went to last night. There I was in the bathroom fooling around with a blonde haired woman whose name I couldn’t remember. At that moment fear struck me. How did she find out?


“I know all of your moves, love. At first I was set out to just kill you in your sleep, but I wanted you to suffer just as my heart has. I loved you with all my might, and was going to tell you about what I was tonight during dinner.”


“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to. I was drunk!” I cry out, but she was not hearing any of it.


“Sorry? You aren’t sorry. You didn’t even think of me! I’ll have many years to get over this heartbreak, but you have other concerns now. You should try to run to the nearest hospital which is over a couple of miles away through the woods to survive the poison I made you drink. Only morphine can save you. You have thirty minutes till the poison completely enters your system and kill you, and I can assure you it will be painful.”


“Please make it stop! I’m sorry I’ll never do it again.”


Tears now ran down my face, and she grabbed my head and licked away the tears. She looked me directly in the eyes and says, “Too late for that darling. You should get to running now. You wasted five minutes.”


At that point I ran out of her home and through the woods to get to the hospital, but hearing her cackle as I run told me one thing. She lied to me and I won’t make it. I could feel my body growing weaker and weaker as I slowed to a jog. Eventually I had to walk. I was only ten feet from the hospital when a burning sensation coursed through my body; with every second it intensified. I screamed until my voice became hoarse, and right when a doctor stood over me my heart stopped.


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