My life seemed to go back to normal after witnessing what I called the reaper. It took a few days to calm down before I could do some research into what I saw. The things I came across on the internet led me to believe what I saw was the grim reaper; although, it didn’t look like what many portrayed as a skeleton inside a black hooded cloak carrying a scythe. From what I read after looking deeper they can take many forms and take the soul of the departing in any form they wanted as long as it was at the correct time of death. After a while I just chalked the reaper up to being a sick twisted bastard, but I still haven’t found anything leading to why no one else could see it.


I didn’t have any friends so there was no one I could really talk to. Even with my new appearance and liked by the ladies, I have yet to make one friend. It was my senior year in high school, and I had no one to share the rest of it with. It bothered me, but not like what I saw last week. Since then I haven’t seen or ran into any other reapers. The thought of it being a one-time thing helped me push it from my mind until last night.


Again I was on my way home from work. This time I left later than expected, and neither of my parents were able to pick me up which led to me walking at least five blocks home from the train; it was midnight and the buses had stopped running.


My neighborhood was pretty okay, but I wouldn’t say that it was one of the safest. I was only two blocks from my home when I noticed some gang activity up ahead. There was a lot of arguing and yelling happening before the shooting started. Bullets sprayed neighboring cars, home windows, and doors before two cars pulled up to join the round of AK’s spilling their rounds. Luckily for me I was standing right next to what looked like an abandoned house.


I feared being caught in the cross fire or mistaken as a fellow gang member so I stayed put till I knew it was clear. Sitting low on the floor of the home, I sent my parents a text stating I was safe, and bided my time. I looked around and saw that the home looked to be lived in, but not quite for some time. I sneezed at the floating dust particles. Several minutes passed before I heard police sirens, and then more gun shots, but there was something else.


Help me.


I stood up and looked down the hall that led to some other room. The panels around the beginning of the wall were wooden. Darkness seemed to seep from its dark depths; as if spilling out to reach me.


“Hello?” I say. I look for the flashlight on my phone, but it was suddenly out of my hand.


It hit the floor with a thud as I screamed out from the force. Something knocked the phone out of my hand. Frantically, I searched the floor for my phone. When I found it the screen was broken and I couldn’t access the flashlight.


“Who’s there?”


Help me.


There it was again that voice. It sounded agitated as if it had begun to become annoyed with me.


“Where are you?” I ask whatever it was.


Turn around.


With a slow swallow, I contemplated not turning around, but I did anyway. What I saw caused me to jump back and fall on my ass. A floating orb of light was right before me. I covered my eyes at the brightness and when I looked back I saw it take the shape of a human. It was an old woman with thin tendrils of hair flying all around her head. Her left eye was nothing but socket and her right eye dangled out of her head. She was a toothless thing that wore a tattered old gown filled with holes.


Help me, she said again.


“What can I do for you?”


Burn the house so I can rest.




I died here and no one has found me. I rot upstairs on the floor of the attic. My reaper never showed so I had to remain here. Help me.


There was a lighter in my pocket as I contemplated as to if I had gone mad. The other event that occurred the other week entered my mind and something within told me to help her. Without thought I told her I will, and after leaving out the back door to remain unseen I set it on fire. I was at the opening of the alley as the fire flared and roared when I heard, thank you.


When I got home I told my parents I broke my phone from running away from bullets and that I was ok. I couldn’t sleep that night. Anxiety grew within at the thought of what had transpired and if it will happen again. Something grew in my heart confirming that it would. Am I able to see the supernatural?


Previously: Four Eyes: Reaper Edition