Stella liked to read and in her room were a number of dusty old books on a shelf. One was actually the trip to a secret door behind the mirror that was sitting on one of the walls. If you picked up the book then the door would open. It is inside that door where I laid the trap; you would barely be able to see what you’re stepping into as you ease into the dark. I knew my step-mother would eventually pull the book and trip the door causing her to curiously see what was beyond it. I anticipated her walking through the dark and stepping on the bear trap on the ground.


We rushed to help stop the bleeding in Stella’s severed leg. Once that was established I told Prudence to go to the bathroom where Perdi was and get my phone to call 911 and let Perdi know what happened.


Low whimpers were all that you heard breaking any silence in the room. I looked at how pale and weak my step-mother looked from the loss of blood. This turned out far better than planned. The bear trap was old and rugged until I sharpened it’s edges, but never did I think it was strong and sharp enough to severe her leg; I only wanted her incapacitated. Her eyes were closed as she moaned in pain waiting for Prudence to come back.




Both of our heads turned towards the door where Prudence exited from. Another screamed followed along with a help. I immediately told Stella that I would be back after I found out what’s happened. I turned with a sly smile on my face knowing that the other step of my plan has worked. It was now just a matter of time before the next incident.


I ran into the bathroom with wide and frightened eyes, and the sight in front of me is one I’ll never forget. Prudence had doubled-over onto her knees and was foaming at the mouth. Purple and blue veins protruded from her porcelain skin in an alien way, and her eyes were blood shot.


I screamed for added affect before calming down and running to her. “What happened?”


She couldn’t speak. All she could do was look at me with those blood shot eyes before having a seizure. Checking her pulse I felt that her heart beat was still strong but slowly fading. The poison had worked. I looked towards Perdi and asked, “What happened? What did you do?”


“I…I…she came to get your ph-phone…she said ow…like something pricked her and then she started foaming at the mouth…”


“No one just starts foaming out the mouth Perdi! You did something to her and its right after step-mother’s accident.”


False tears fell from my eyes as I looked at Perdi with incriminating eyes. She looked from me to Prudence and back to me and started sobbing uncontrollably. After checking Prudence’s pulse again I went over to Perdi and hugged her.


“I’m so sorry for yelling and blaming you. I’m just so scared and a lot is happening. I don’t know what’s going on,” I say as I try to comfort her. It’s now almost time for the next phase I smile to myself and say. This night has only just begun.


Previously: Isabella: Part 3