Scattered remains of my fellow colleagues littered the camp ground. Pools of crimson red and bits and pieces of guts hung from surrounding trees and tents. It was quiet now with only minutes till sunrise. I wanted to call out to see if there were any survivors, but from what I can tell there weren’t any. The silence was louder than anything I’ve heard in my lifetime, with the exception of my own heartbeat at this very moment. I made sure to watch my step as I continued to search the camp ground for any survivors.


“There is still two that I have yet to dig my claws into,” said a voice from behind.


I turned to find the Djinn not floating, but standing only a few feet away. He was almost solid now except for his eyes. His skin was smooth and dark like the coating of a milk chocolate candy bar, and his beard was as black as a raven; long and full with no signs of thinning. He smiled at me before slowly stalking his way towards me. Chills crept down my spine as his straight white teeth blinded me.


“My time for today is almost up, but I am sure to find the survivor. Then it’ll be your heart that I devour last, shabb,” he said as he slowly disappeared as the sun touched his body.


It took more than a moment to shake off my fear before coming to my senses. I had to find the survivor so we could get out of here before dusk. In a hurry I searched the camp ground for needed materials and my backpack filled with my passport and other identification.


“Shit!” I yelled as I slipped and fell into some poor saps brain matter. Bits and pieces of pink meat and blood colored my tan shirt and pants.


“Sean?” asked a woman from behind.


I turned to see Sara staring at me with wide eyes. She was also covered in blood and unrecognizable guts.




“Oh my god!” she exclaimed as she ran into my arms with tear filled eyes. “It was so horrible! It ripped everyone to pieces!”


“I know, and now we have to get out of here before it comes back for us.”


“How would you know? Did you see it?”


I hesitated before explaining everything to her. At first she seemed fascinated, but at the end of it she slapped me clean across my face.


“It’s your fault this happened! And now you want to run away!” she yelled as she paced. “You’re a fucking coward.”


Ashamed I replied, “I know, but I don’t know what else I can do to correct what I did. There were no instructions on how to put him back in the lamp.”


“I guess were going to have to find a way then,” she said as she started heading towards the cave.



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