“My parents left me when I was just a young child. I’ve been thrown around in the foster care system for as long as I can remember. Who I am and what I come from were all hidden from me until I met you. You revealed yourself to me and taught me all the things I needed to know about me and my parents at a time where it was paramount. I was only a brief moment away from meeting them in purgatory.

For someone who’s been with the first consistent set of foster parents for at least three years, you’d think that the loneliness that I felt wouldn’t dissipate. It didn’t. There were things that I saw that I didn’t understand, and it ate me alive. The pain and sorrow was rotting me from the inside out and the only thing that I wanted to do was end it all. Then there you were.

You slowly began to appear from something so transparent in front of my very eyes. Sun-kissed skin of the pale variety with long silver locs and ghoulish crimson eyes accosted my sight. That wide beautiful smile will always be part of my memory. I can just see those straight pearly white within plump lips now. I didn’t fear you at all. Months passed with you by my side and the loneliness subsided. No one could hear or see you, but you were real to me as my long fingers always caressed your dead flesh.

Mentions of my mother and father spilled from your lips every day about how they could see things that others could not see. You told me tales of a heroic nature from when they saved a kid from a burning fire, and died in the process. Said that the ghost that loomed around them most of their life warned them, but it was too late for them. That kid that they saved from the fire was me, and you were that ghost. -by Grim Angel


Image: from WallPaper Up