“It was too late now. I’ve never noticed it before; that looming presence I always felt around, I mistook for my overactive imagination. The medications had turned me numb to the likes of your kind, at least that what I thought. One on the side effects to my bipolar medication is paranoia. Ignoring all signs of it because of that reason is why I am now lying on the concrete ground spilling out blood and guts while I slowly fade. 

The sounds I heard every night before I went to bed should have been enough to warn me. That faint chattering sound before I fell asleep every night was just you when I thought it were the trees’ branches tapping on my bedroom window from the slightest flow of wind. No, it was you. You camouflaged yourself in every environment you followed me to. Remained hidden til it was time to quench your thirst to kill. I wondered if my ignorance amuses you. 

When you clawed away at me with your poisonous misshaped talons I didn’t scream. I felt it all but I couldn’t give you the satisfaction of crying out like when you killed my husband all those years ago. Not even finally seeing your green-scaled face and haunting yellow eyes could bring me to scream; yet I felt terror and disappointment. I let myself get struck down by the likes of you; a demon so petty enough to hide and then attack. Coward. But you finally got me in the end.” -by Grim Angel 

Image: from Pinterest