It was only a week later when Perdi was released from the hospital. During that time I finally experienced what peace felt like during their absence; Stella and Prudence stayed with Perdi while the doctors did surgeries to help mend her broken bones and tendons in both her arms and right leg. The times Stella and Prudence came home neither would speak to me or look my way, but I made sure that every room in the house was clean and there was food in the fridge to ensure no issues. I, myself, couldn’t have been more pleased.


During the time of my solitude in the great mansion, I worked hard after my shifts at work. Every night I came back and set up a multitude of traps that would ensure my plan would work. Soon everything will unfold and I’ll be able to escape the wrath of these demons my father took in. No more talking down to me, treating me as if I’m lowly, no more abuse and assaults. I would go to bed every night with a smile on my face knowing that my nightmare would soon be over.


When Perdi was back home, their wicked ways resumed. I was told to quit my day job and take care of Perdi. I had no choice but to do so, and every day for about a month I washed, clothed, and fed her. In the midst of it all, I still had to do my daily chores. Exhausted was a word that my body exuberated every night my tired bones hit my hard bed. My body ached so much that the bed became comfortable enough where I fell into a deep sleep immediately. The only thing I was certain of was my strength to keep enduring until the right time.


It wasn’t long after where one night one of them initiated one of the traps. A scream filled the halls of the mansion while I sat and bathed Perdi. We both sat abruptly up staring at the bathroom door.


“What was that?” Perdi asked in a fearful tone. She looked at me with wide eyes, and I stared back at her with the same.


“I’m not sure,” I stated.


“Well go check it out!”


I hesitated for a second to feign reluctance in going to investigate what I heard. I rushed out of the bathroom when she yelled go with me. With her unable to move from her position, I was confident in the rest of my plans following through with little difficulty. In the hall way, I heard another scream come from the hall right of me. I started to head that way when I ran into Prudence.


“What was that?” yelled Prudence.


I looked at her with wide eyes and replied, “I…I don’t know. I was washing Perdi when I heard it. Where is step-mother?”


With that in question Prudence and I took off down the hallway towards Stella’s room. I made sure that she was just five steps ahead of me. It would be in my great interest to avoid the next trap.


Prudence kicked open Stella’s bedroom door, and released a blood curdling shriek. I made sure to scream as well for added affect. There the evil step-mother was, lying on the floor surrounded by a pool of blood seeping from her left severed leg.