Every day life was a little arid for Natalie. Her life consisted of the same routine from morning to night. Every now and then you’ll find her reading a romance novel on a Friday evening with a cup of tea in her hand with fruity candles lit. That was the only thing that wasn’t part of her routine. She’d always wake up at the same time to shower, brush her teeth, and comb her hair; then she’d get dressed, eat the same bowl of colorless oatmeal with a glass a milk then off she went to work her eight hour shift. Once her shift has ended at her old cubicle job she’d go to the grocery store, come home to cook and eat, then she’d go to sleep by ten at night.

Orphaned at such a young age, she didn’t have any family. You would never see her with friends, and the one thing you’d always see her without was a smile. No one that has ever encountered Natalie has ever seen her smile. She was always this serious quiet woman who dressed conservatively without a wrinkle in sight. Her brown coiled hair was always tucked into a neat bun at the top her oval shaped head.

One day things changed for Natalie. It was on her walk home from the grocery store one evening when a man approached her. He was selling cupcakes on one of the corners she passed with his twin daughters. They were trying to raise money for some purpose that Natalie couldn’t care less about. She would normally decline and continue on her way, but something made her buy the man’s cupcakes. They didn’t look like much. A chocolate cupcake with purple wrapping, and pink icing with a bit of sprinkles on top; it didn’t look too appetizing. It wasn’t in Natalie’s routine to partake in sweets.

After purchasing the passable cupcake, she went home and followed her normal routine. She finished her dinner and washed her dishes until she noticed the cupcake sitting on the counter. A frown happened upon her face as confusion tore through her. She was certain she had put it in the fridge. It sat there as if beckoning her to come take a bite. Her frown deepened as she realized that her mouth was beginning to water. Without further thought she ate the cupcake and then collapsed.

The next morning she was stirred out of her sleep from the alarm on her phone going off. She grudgingly shut it off, and realized she was on the floor of her kitchen. Images of what happened ran through her head and she remembered. Remembered the sweet deep rich taste of chocolate exploding in her mouth, she remembered the awakening of her spirit and sense as she licked the sweet icing off her plump plum lips. Memory of complete ecstasy filled her before she collapsed and fell to the floor.

Her routine was no more. After sitting on the couch in a daze, she finally remembered that she had to get to work. That morning she rushed through the routine and had no time to iron anything. She grabbed a dress that was hanging in the back of her closet, grabbed some pumps, fluffed out her coiled fro and ran out the door after putting on some lipstick. She barely got to work, and when she got there she spoke to and smiled at every person she encountered. Many of the people were taken aback by not only her appearance, but her friendliness as well.

After work she wanted to go and get another cupcake, but something was off. She didn’t see the dad and his girls selling cupcakes on the corner. A passerby happened and she asked about the cupcake sellers. She was met with confusion as the person replied, “Oh dearie, you must not have heard. The dad and his girls were killed in that spot last year by a drunk driver. Poor things were plowed right down. No one has been seen selling anything on that corner since then.”


via Daily Prompt: Arid

Image: by Smallcakes Cupcakes & Ice cream