“You robbed me blind, and there were no inklings from the very beginning of your true intention. Like candy from a baby, you stole my heart. After I got over the initial shock, I began to truly enjoy the sense of security you provided as you protected it with all you had. You cherished it, and watched in grow as if it was your own child. My love swelled so much it became unconditional and you were showered in it every day.

Then you did it again. Robbed me of my sense of security when you let it go and dropped it. You tried to help me pick up shards of the shattered remains of my heart. Tear filled eyes spill on to bloody palms as I try to overcome the pain, anger, and shock. You stole from me, had your fill, and threw away my heart once it no longer held your attention. How shameless you are.” by Grim Angel

via Daily Prompt: Baby

Image: from Google