“She held back her head and shouted as loud as she could. Her bawl of justice could be heard far throughout the realm. Finally, she was able to avenge the love of her life that was stolen away from her after all these years. She hunted, she cried, she lied and pried into the life of all who were involved in the death of her lover. Tears stream down her face as she kicks the detached head of the man who murdered the love of her life.

His mouth was open and blood-filled, and his eyes were wide and blood-shot with fear and surprise. She was sure that he had not heard of her hunting him down for the vile act he had committed against his longtime friend. Yes, her lover and the head of the dead man she stood upon were best friends. The look of betrayal on her dead lover’s face is one she will never forget. It’ll ever be etched in the memory of her mind just as her love will always be forever etched in her heart.” by Grim Angel


Image: from Pintrest