You were my friend and companion

and how I loved you so.

During the long dreadful nights

you’d lay next to me in the cold.

You’d warm me with your body, and then

I’d straddle you when the day comes.

We’d walk off into the dawn with the

steady beat of your hoofs, and my

slow and steady hum.

There was a hunter near by lurking

in the shadows around.

He crept up and hid up behind us

without making a sound.

His ax was swift as he chopped

off your horn.

After he ran off, I sat there crying

in the blood of a unicorn.

Drenched in your sparkles, I stand

glistening in the sun.

I sprout a horn in the middle of my head;

Now my journey as the next unicorn

has begun.



via Daily Prompt: Glitter

Image: From Google

This poem is transforming for me. It represents a number of things. Being who you are and being picked on or ridiculed for being who you are. Teaching those after us that we are here for them, to guide them, and that it will be ok. It also represents growing from the pains in life. That we are all unique. It means a number of things to me. What do you get from it?