“Havoc was reaped across all lands. There was no one and nothing spared from the chaos that placated the Earth. She had had enough. The insolence, the ignorance, the ignoring of the proper laws of nature have pushed her to the point of no return. We had abandoned her, and ignored her cries. Dark skies filled with torturous winds blew away cities, crumbled earth of destroyed civilizations lie at her feet, while tsunamis drowned empires.

She hit her restart button with tear filled eyes. The beauty that sprouted from her womb, and the beings that suckled from her tit are no more. We took more than our fill, and we were killing her. So she called forth great winds, and brought forth the seven seas to aid in the annihilation of her children. Bodies of the dead litter her lands and sink into the soil. She may never rebirth us again.” by Grim Angel


Image: from Upstore-mother nature dying


So it’s mid-February here in Chicago, IL. Anyone who has been here or live her during this time knows that we are usually freezing while knees deep in snow; however that it not the case. For the past couple of days it has been in the 60-70 degree range weather wise. This winter so far, we have yet to have much snow let alone it stick to the ground. Out of my 27 years I have never experienced this type of weather here. For those who don’t believe in global warming, then witness the phenomena happening today. There is snow and cool temperatures in the warmest states of the U.S. while there are warm temperatures in parts that have usually have a couple of snow storm by now. We must do our parts to not only share what we know of global warming, but do our parts in helping the environment.