I’m not one to have many nightmares, but when I do I make sure to remember them. They are so life like, and I find myself waking in the middle of the night after I have them trying to gain a sense of reality. I know you all have read my last shared nightmare Nightmare Interpretation, and it was about the first nightmare I had. The one that I’m going to tell you all about today is one that occurred sometime last year. I woke up feeling a sense of foreboding and was deeply disturbed. Was it really a nightmare? It felt like one, but after discussing it with a few spiritual individuals, they felt like the symbolism in it was a premonition of either something in the past or to come in the future. That freaked me out a bit more.


It was a bright and sunny day in an unknown town. I sat at a table eating lunch outside with people I did not know. We ate and chatted until I looked up into the beautiful sky with the view of one of the surrounding buildings and dancing white clouds. It was then I noticed a plane so low above us with smoke shooting from its engines. It was one of those planes with a propeller in the front; it reminded me of a toy plane.

The screams and concerns from the people nearby moved me to stand up in case something was to happen. Something did happen. Right above the area I was standing, the plane exploded in mid-air. I was running and decided to look behind me. My vision went white, and in the midst of it red and orange specs of what looked like bacteria under a microscope exploding. What was odd was the feeling of being burned.

The scene then switched to me in a city full of tall buildings and screaming individuals scattered around. You immediately felt the tension and panic in the area. I don’t know why we were all running. I just knew that I had to get me and my child away from whatever was pursing us. I couldn’t, and felt like I shouldn’t look back. I took a look at my child. He had alabaster skin, coily dark blonde hair, with crystal blue eyes and one of the most beautiful smiles. I knew he was my son, no doubt about it regardless of the skin color. He came from me. That thought entered my mind and then I woke up.


I have no idea what was so nightmarish about this dream. I just knew I wasn’t able to go back to sleep after that. My body was covered in cold sweat and my heart was racing.

So after discussing this with close friends, some had these thoughts: Many people indicated that the red and orange looking bacteria were radiation. Now I have no idea what radiation is like, or even know about it enough to dream it, but I did research after the discussion and there it was. I dreamed a description of radiation when I can’t recall ever learning about it. Some thought that my dream was a premonition to an upcoming attack somewhere while others thought I reenacted something from the past. As for the baby and the other scene, they feel I am running away from something in life, and also think that I saw my future child. I’m skeptical about it all. There could be some truth, or not. Tell me, what do you think? Have you had any dreams like this?


Image: from Voxy: This is an image of UV radiation under a microscope