A spider bit me on my neck.

I went to check,

and all I saw was a red speck.


I left it alone and went about my day.

Then all of a sudden I started to sway,

no longer wanting to go out and play.


I decide to rest and hopefully feel better.

I started getting cold and put on a sweater

even in this 70 degree weather.


I wasn’t sure of the time when I woke.

I tried to speak but all you heard was a croak,

and it felt like something was caught in my throat.


On my way to the bathroom to look in the mirror,

I couldn’t help notice that I could see clearer.

From this point, things only got weirder.


I stared in the mirror and tried not to scream.

I looked like something from a nightmare not a dream,

I no longer looked like I should seem.

-by Grim Angel


Image: Deviant Art-YoursTruly-Ty

This poem was inspired from a weird dream that I had once. I had gotten bitten by a spider once and wished I’d come out with powers like Spider-man; however, I went to bed and had this dream instead. I looked like a human-spider hybrid. Many eyes placated my face and I started to grow extra arms, and I no longer had a mouth. I had spider fangs and I had spider silk coming out of my ass. Not a fun dream, but definitely interesting. Enjoy!