“I saw death one time and he was the most beautiful thing I ever laid eyes on. His alabaster skin was luminous against the darkness held in his cloak. But that’s not what drew me to him. It was his crystal soulless eyes that happened to bore into me as he took the soul of another. The look of surprise on his face represented that we could see one another.His cheeks reddened at my intruding gaze, he must have noticed the awe in my eyes. He quickly disappeared and I was saddened by his sudden departure. He appeared in front of me a moment later and I saw those icy eyes bore into mine. His lips weren’t far from mine as he crouched over and whispered, ‘Your time is up.’ Ripping my soul from my body, I moan and grip him tight. His reaping made me want him in carnal ways. Staring down at my body, I see what brought me to my end, but it didn’t matter as long as I could follow him.” by Grim Angel


Image: Pakinam El Banna