I graduated from high school on my eighteenth birthday. I walked across the stage with no loved ones or friends to cheer me on, but I still walked across proud of how far I had come. Once the ceremony was over I took my father’s old run down car out of town. I went to a county just a few towns over and purchased all that I needed in cash. I stocked the trunk of my car and made my way back home. I couldn’t help, but walk around with a smile on my face.

After successfully getting my items to my room without being caught, I went downstairs to the kitchen to do my chores. I hummed a lullaby my father used to sing to me as a child as I washed the dishes.

You could smell the rank expensive perfume Perdi like to wear from a mile away. That’s how I knew it was her that walked into the kitchen.

“Well someone seems to be in a good mood. Sadly you won’t be in one for long.”

I turned and smiled at her before saying, “Whatever do you mean by that?”

She just gave me this smug little smirk and walked up to me. She hit me in the face with full force knocking me to the ground. I was cleaning a knife then, and it fell out of my hand next to me on the floor. She proceeded to kick me over and over until she had enough. I thought I would have lost control and stabbed her to death, but I remained still in my actions.

“You surely know how to take a beating,” she barked before walking off laughing.

Stumbling, I struggled getting up off the floor. I made sure to clean the water and knife that fell to the ground during my altercation with one of the demon children. As I finished the rest of my chores, my step-mother and Prudence entered the mansion. You could hear them with every step they took as their heels clinked against the buffed floor. Their cackles echoed through the halls as I heard them make their way towards the kitchen. I thought about running upstairs to avoid any interaction with them.

“Darling, you look an awful mess with that bloody nose you’re sporting. Perdi must have shown off her strength while we were out. I do hope you didn’t get any of your filthy blood on my floor,” hissed Stella.

“No, I didn’t get any on the floor, and I’m also done with my chores.”

“Good. Now get out of my sight.”

I left the kitchen to go upstairs to let Perdi know that her mother and sister were back. Before I did that, I loosened one of the old steps on the staircase she liked to run down. This place is a bit old and run down, and I know every inch of what’s wrong with it. This staircase has been known to cause quite a few accidents with hired staff back in the day. Regardless of its known issues, Perdi still used it since no one else did. She always liked to feel different from her sister.

I heard the footsteps of Stella and Prudence, and before they entered the stair area I called for Perdi.

“Perdi! Your family is back now!”

“Great!” she exclaimed as I saw her run around the corner and make for the stairs. Stella and Prudence entered the area right when Perdi started for the stairs.

“Mother…”she exclaimed, but slipped and fell down the stairs.

I was certain there were some fractures involved in her mad tumble down. Stella and Prudence screams filled the air as Perdi hit every step her contorted body took. Her grunts and groans satisfied me to no end. When she hit the bottom she was silent and bleeding with bones sticking out from both arms. Prudence scrambled to grab her phone to call 911 while Stella tried to wake her. It seems they had forgotten about me, and I left for my room with a smirk on my face.


Previously: Isabella: Part 1