A strong sense of danger hit me after reading the warning, but that did not lighten my sense of entitlement to the very cause that brought me here. I’ve searched for years for this and never once have I read of any danger other than the consequences of your wishes. Without hesitation I rubbed the lamp for a couple seconds and nothing happened. There is no way to describe the disappointment I felt when nothing occurred. It was all a lie! I said to myself. Then suddenly something weird happened. The room began to dull as a black smoke danced out of the mouth of the lamp.

Terror must have had a grip on my tongue because the scream I wanted to release so badly at what stood before me was nowhere to be found. For years I’ve seen different images and drawings of what Djinn are supposed to look like, but this grotesque creature in front of me was far from what I could imagine. Dark rotted skin with holes in the dried-out covered parts of exposed flesh. It wore a dark golden torn vest with rich purple tattered pants. Its hat was the only thing that didn’t seem dead on it. Each wrist was adorned with thick gold bracelets that symbolized its slavery, and the long stringy black beard hung low from its chin. The eyes were the scariest of all; Bright like to rubies sitting perfectly symmetrical on its face.

It stared at me for seconds, but it felt like minutes before it slowly drifted towards me. It was only a few inches from my face before it opened its mouth at a monumental degree. My bladder released its holdings as the Djinn in front of me screamed a deep ancient guttural sound. I crumbled to the floor as it looked down at me, and for a moment I saw it smirked.

“You have released me after a thousand years of containment. I will spare your life for now,” it said before taking off.


I looked at the lamp once I got my bearings together. I opened the top and inside laid a scroll. I whimpered at what I read and immediately began looking for a way out of the cave. To my surprise I was closer to an exit that what I initially thought. I had to find a way to warn those near of the Djinn I had released. Fear coursed through me creating a shiver at the thought of the carnage that will soon happen. The only way for the Djinn to appear human and be released from freedom is to devour the organs and skin from humans, and then devour the heart of the one who released it. The worst part of it all was there were no instructions on how to stop it.

The exit I took was not far from the entrance to the Cave of Wonders. Screams echoed through the night as I took off for the camp ground. I may have been too late in my warning, but dawn was just around the corner. The scroll mentioned the Djinn disappearing back into its lamp when dawn broke, then at night fall it would then leave and finish what was started. We were 30 minutes away from dawn now. I prayed that everyone wasn’t dead by the time I made it back to camp.


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