“I tremble from my feeble attempts at holding on to you when I know that I shouldn’t. Shaken by the stolen glances we give to one another when others aren’t watching. I long for you even though the universe screams at us that it isn’t meant to be. We even tried going against gravity just for a single caress. We failed many times, but our hearts push us to try again and again. Over and over, like a locomotive, we continue to breach what the fates told us shouldn’t be. We do not care if destruction lies in our wake from such a prohibited act. Isn’t in destruction where one can be reborn? We hope our union can bear the future in hopes of teaching others that we create our destiny and what we long to be will be from sheer will. True love comes from never giving up on the other. Forbidden love comes from that and wanting to be together against all the odds.” by Grim Angel


Image: Gedogfx

I was given the one word topic: Love by my associate Jermaine. My inspiration was drawn from this image I found on Google. We sometimes long for something things that aren’t good for us or aren’t meant for us. We also long for things or people who others see as unfit for you, but you know otherwise. Enjoy!

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