Colliding lips create a high better

than any Mary-Jane.

Sweat from your mahogany skin is sweeter

than any brandy I’ve indulged in.

Your moans send me on a psychedelic

trip like LSD.

Our heart rates increase as if we had

our fill of cocaine.

Like heroin you rush into me and leave

me breathless.

You’re like meth, I’ve never felt this alive as

our bodies rapidly collide.

And once we’re done and catch our breath,

we start going through withdrawal.

Addicted; Ready for another hit,

I have to take you in again.


Image: Molly A. Cross

I was give a One word topic to write a poem on by my friend Allen on Facebook: Toxicity. My inspiration comes from the beautiful movements, passion, and feelings that come from sex. Sex can be an addiction for some people. Ever feel so consumed by the energy that flows between you and another person as the physical bodies connect? Ever feel the touching of your spirit? Yea. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. Enjoy!

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