I aimlessly trudge through these

fiery grounds.

With the hope of having my

salvation found.

My current damnation is caused from

a previously life shed.

And here I am in the in-between because

of the type of life I led.

I long to be purified from the this sentence

of the lost.

I’m willing to pay to move on

at whatever the cost.

But it is not my place to move forward

after paying for my transgressions.

Those in my previously life have to pray for me

in order for me to go to heaven.

So I roam and stumble throughout

this land of judgement.

I have no choice but to endure this

igneous torment.


Image: from Google

I was given another One word topic: Purgatory from my brother Morgan. I was inspired after doing a bit of research and put together the awesomeness you see before you. I took my time writing this. Enjoy!