I’ve always been awkward and

socially inept.

I’m not good at speaking up, or

telling others how I felt.

One day I met someone who was

not quite like myself.

He was beautiful and different and

always spoke what he felt.

I must admit I had to get used to him;

as I never had any friends.

And once I warmed up to him the

weird shit began.

He introduced me to his group of

dark, and deep individuals.

Who were involved in satanic gatherings,

readings, and rituals.

They took advantage of the fact I always

wanted to fit in.

I’m not religious but the things that they

did were greater than any sin.

But I longed to be accepted by someone

other than me.

So the long nights started, and there were

horrible things I had to see.

One dark and gloomy day, we were all preparing

for this ritual.

They needed a human sacrifice, someone who

wasn’t really spiritual.

Engraved knives in hand, and black robed faces

turned their way towards me.

It is in that very moment something told me

to flee.

They lunged forward to grab me, to kill me,

and serve me up.

But this isn’t friend ship. I took off running.

I no longer gave a fuck.

So now my days are filled with me,

and that is definitely ok.

I now have a story to tell others about the shit

I witnessed and my grim escape.


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I was given a One word subject on Cult by a fellow Twitter follower: @JadedHorrorGoth. I was inspired by different stories I’ve read about how people got involved in a cult, and by one Family Guy episode where Meg had joined one and escaped her death when Peter came to get her to go to Stewie’s birthday party. Often people weaknesses are exploited and used by individuals for their own purpose. It’s cruel and sad. That’s where this poem comes from. I am certain that there was a time in everyone’s life where they were exploited and taken advantage of. Enjoy!

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