“Back riddled with blades of what

I thought was loyalty.

Now I’m covered and soaked in the

blood of your treachery.

Pulling them out, I surely thought

I’d bleed to death.

And thought if I moved forward without you

I’d be left bereft.

I healed and grew stronger and now

that my lesson is learned.

I let karma deal with you as now

the tables have turned.”

-by Grim Angel


Image: Def-Fret

I was given another One word topic: betrayal by one of my Facebook followers, Angelica. My inspiration was pulled from the first time I had ever been betrayed by a friend. It was so hard getting close to people when I was younger. She was someone I confided in since I never had that in my life. When she betrayed me I was shattered and it made me a skeptic in trusting another individual fully again. I’ve grown from that and have people I trust, but that feeling still lingers in my soul.

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