What is that sound I hear over there?

What is that smell pervading the air?

Can’t help but feel inconceivable despair.

I really need to get out of here.


There’s too many people invading my space.

Every where I turn, we’re face to face.

Uneasiness prevails as I am out of place.

Anxiety seems in and I need to pace.


This is not a good situation for me to be in.

There are things that I have to control within.

Maybe I should sit since my head’s starting to spin.

But it’s too late, bad things are about to begin.


The gentleman next to me asks if I’m alright.

I stare at with such contrite.

All these people are unaware of this plight.

They’ll all be dead as soon as it hits night.


My palms are sweating as I try to stay in control.

My eyes close and my head starts to roll.

A growl so fierce; one you’ll never know.

The beast is at the surface and it’s ready to go.


This would have never happened if I had stayed in.

The outside world causes anxiety within.

The moment I took a step outside I was filled with apprehension.

Go against the will of the beast? I never win.


Image: Pintrest


I requested on many of my social media sites for my followers to comment a One word topic for me to write a short horror story or poem about. Anxiety was my first. This poem is about anxiety and some of the feelings that come along with it. You don’t feel like yourself, you’re worried and uneasy, and feel like something bad is going to happen. Hope you all enjoy and look out for other poems in the next few days that are based off of one word topics. Enjoy!