Red hot moans of blazing passion burn

through the air in pleasure.

You cream with joy as I explore your

cave until I find the treasure.

Jewels of sweat drifts slowly down

every inch of our bodies.

It becomes too much for you so you

push me away and try to stop me.

A ruby river drips from my lips

as you lay beneath me shivering.

It could either be the blood loss or the

satisfaction that left you quivering.

I dive between your thighs to get a taste

of that salty and sweet.

Like a pop song, my pants and your moans

never miss a beat.

Covered head to toe in your blood;

nowhere else is better.

I can’t help but take in more of you,

making us wetter and wetter.

Like silver tongued snakes our bodies

collide and slide together.

Even though this is our last night I wish

we could stay this way forever.

Like the fade of a beating drum your

heart starts to slow and then stops.

That’s what happens with carnal behavior

and not being able to stop.

Image: from Pintrest