My family and I do this thing where we go around scaring the shit out of each other. Growing up with my brothers that’s all we seemed to do. I’m the oldest so there was no shortage of the torture I’d release upon my little brothers. We’d laugh, play, and fight but the best times were when we gave each other a fright.

Now I’m a huge fan of Star Wars and Darth Vader is one of my favorite characters, and also one that scares the life out of me. He is so cool, and no matter how much I wanted to be a Jedi, I always wanted to be as bad as he. I just had to tell you all about my little crush, but here’s the part as to why he scare the hell out of me sometimes.

Growing up when I was still living with my mother and three brothers, at the time, we stayed in this duplex. At least that’s what I thought it was. But we all stayed together and it was always lively. I remember as a teenager I was mainly doing homework, reading an R.L. Stine book in my room or sleep. Like any normal teenage girl, I wanted my brothers to stay out of my room. Not because they annoyed me, which they did at times, but mainly because I hid all kinds of snacks and treats in my room that I didn’t want to share.

One night I was asleep in bed when the three of them decided to come in and scare the hell out of me. I remember my room being pitch black. I’m a light sleeper and usually can hear when they are sneaking into my room. I heard my name being whispered a few times before actually waking up. The street lights crept between my blinds and illuminated the Darth Vader mask that was right in front of my face. A second later, the breath noise Vader does with his mask sounded and I literally screamed and damn near jumped out my bedroom window. All three were snickering and laughing while running away. No worries though. I beat them all up later.

No there was this other time with the Darth Vader mask that terrified the hell out of me. My mother’s friend at the time were staying with us and I guess one of my brothers told him about the time they scared me. I remember them not being home, only my mother and her friend. I was, like always, in my room reading. I had gone to the bathroom to grab something, but I didn’t open the door all the way or turn the light on. Then back to my room I went.

Not too long after I had to actually go to the bathroom. I remember walking in before turning on the light. After doing so, I turned around and screamed. I thought there was someone in the bathroom hanging about in the shower. I ran out of there so fast, down the stairs and into the living room before my brain figured out what it is I saw. The Darth Vader Mask was on top of a hanger that hung from the shower rod, he then had put clothing or sheets on the hanger to make it look like a body. I heard him laughing from my mother’s room while I was trying to catch my breath. That’s just one of the many pranks that had been played on me. It’s why I cringe every time I see a Darth Vader mask.


Image: Darth Vader