Jess, this award is for you!

There is a blogger that I recently discovered that I wanted to share with you all. She’s an amazing poet and person with great talent. Her poetry can be dark, it can be real enough to pull strong emotions from you, and it’ll play in all areas of your imagination. Jess, the creator of The Moon, the Sea, and Poetry is an animal loving individual with the, in her own words, biggest obsession with ghosts, aliens, and Halloween. I recommend taking a look at Jess’s, the Moon Goddess (that’s what I call her) blog.

Here is a few poems that have captured or influenced me in a way. There first one is a recent one that stirred up old emotions from a hard time I had in the past. Hope you all enjoy as much as I have.


Please check out her blog and follow. You’ll also see where to find her on her other social media sites as well.