“At a time there, I thought for once I was safe. The blood that seeped from beneath the other side of the door pooled at my feet. Knock knock, I heard from the other side, and frantically I looked around search for an escape. There wasn’t one; trapped in a room with no windows and padded walls and only one way out. I thought out of all places that I was safe here. No one wanted to come here, not by their own choice. Yet, here you are only feet away from me with only a steel door between us. Knock knock, I hear again. I know you’re just toying with me. Preparing me for the fun you’ll have.

I can see it clear as day now. My broken and bruised body lying at your feet covered in a wet ruby blanket. I can see me riddled with holes as ribbons of red slowly creeps out of the wounds. That wicked smile that’s always plastered on your face…that joker like grin, I can see it as you inhale the metallic stench wafting from my body. That laugh…that cackle of all the dark and sinister things that you have done and will do to me has haunted me for so long. I can hear it now as you unlock the door. All I can do is wait.” by Grim Angel

Image: Pulled from Internet