Ivory bones of all shapes and sizes littered the floor of the area I crashed into. Dust filled my hyperventilating lungs at an alarming rate causing a coughing fit. The smell of rot permeated the air, and I couldn’t help but wonder if this is what the stench of death was. It would seem that I had fallen through something beneath the basement; no wonder the cops never found anything. Staring up, I could see how many floors I actually fell through and thanked someone from above that I didn’t die in the fall. Turning to my right, my view was accosted with a table filled with several dental objects and a dentist’s chair and set up.

In the chair was a body, one that had long decomposed before I set my eyes to it. The frame seemed to be of a child, and as I got closer I could see the cloth that adorned its skeletal body. My heart seemed to beat at an alarming rate as I recognized the pale blue dress before me. It was her. At the top of her skull you could still see the sharp tool that was used to kill her embedded. With a bit of force I removed the thing from her head. While looking around I saw that there was a dark area of the room I was in. I fumbled through my clothing till I found the flash light that I had brought.

Regret coursed through me as I stared at what my flash light had happened upon. Piles of bones with bits of rotted flesh lay in the corner. Specks and splotches of old dried blood painted the wooden walls. Then that’s where I found him and his wife. The positions at which I found the next two skeletons indicated that the blood on the walls came from them. On the ground laid a two barrel shot gun just shy of the bigger skeleton’s feet. The smaller skeleton seemed to be in an odd position as if that person died on their knees while facing the pile of bones.

The bigger skeleton wore a bloody lab coat which led me to believe he was the reason for this crypt. There was a huge hole in his skull as his framed slumped against the wall. The only thing I could think of was the fact that he killed others long before he killed his family and himself. I looked back at the girl in the pale blue dress’ body and heard her voice in my head. Save me. Burn us. I wanted to do this for her so they all could rest in peace and move on, but there was a problem.

The stairs that were the only exit remained blocked from the debris that came along with the fall. With great effort I tried to remove as much as I could in order to insure my escape, but to no avail. I cried as I contemplated how I could get out of here and burn down this forsaken place, but there was only one solution. No one knew where I was and that was ok. Since the beginning of all this I had been keeping a journal which was now left in the passenger seat of my car along with my phone. I had no way to call for help, but I’m sure that would do me no good since reception was bad up here. I took out the lighter and little lighter fluid I had in my pocket. I set flame to the girl in the pale blue dress before lighting other areas of the crypt. I sat in trepidation as I watch golden embers dance in my vision before the flames kissed my body. Thank you was the last thing I heard before my fiery death and then the screams.

Previously: The Girl in the Pale Blue Dress: Part 5