Crimson liquid overflows in my hands.
So colorful, so vibrant.
Slowly…it’s still beating. Smaller than what I imagined, but precious all the same.
You look at me with cold, distant eyes. I’m unsure why you look so surprised.
A promise was made between you and I.
“Within each other is where our hearts will always reside.”
It changed for you, but not for me.
Can’t you see this is how it has to be?
I will cherish this for the rest of my life… it’s still beating.
Raymon is a gay black writer and poet in Chicago. He has been writing since he was young and had a few of his poems published. I challenged him to write something dark for my blog as I wanted to share his talent with all of you. To see more of his work, you can follow him on Facebook and under Notes you’ll find more poetry and some stories.


Hey ghouls,

As you all know, I want to start sharing the writings and poetry of fellow artists on my blog. I find that in doing so not only will they gain exposure, but we all come closer as individuals who share a unique talent that enables us to be there for others. Every poem and story has a meaning behind it, and there are so many others who feel alone in whatever they may be feeling and going through. Us…we have to continue to write and support one another because people need to know that there is something that understands and gets it. So let’s continue doing so. Hope you all enjoyed the work of my friend and fellow poet and contact me if you all would like for me to share some of your work.