“You won’t find her anywhere until you close your eyes at night. She’ll seduce you and woo you, but you’ll find that there is something about her that isn’t quite right. Her lips are like velvet, and you will melt at her touch. She’ll drown you in pleasure and I know you won’t mind that much. Heed my warning when I say not to fall for her tricks. After you burst from ecstasy she will pluck you from her teeth with a toothpick. You’ll find yourself waking up in the morning with a pounding in your head. Then when you look to your spouse next to you, you’ll find them dead. Bits of flesh placates your mouth as you stare down at your have eaten love. One look down and you’ll see that you’re covered in blood. You’re sure to be confused as you let out a scream. Would it be bad to tell you that the Lady in Red controlled you from your dream?” by Grim Angel

Image: From Google