There is this computer game that I love to play after a long day. My husband and children are avid gamers; however, I am not particularly fond of the systems that hold so much of their attention. Lately there has been a bit of disconnect between us all and I blame those gaming systems. My husband no longer finds comfort in me when the days are rough, and my sons no longer come to bother me with their fickle questions. Yet, they all bond together surrounding their PlayStation 4, and I’m left alone with my books.

Now, I love reading but I love spending time with my family more. I’m not much into games and they know this. One day one of them mentioned The Sims. At first I was skeptical about getting it, but after they explained to me what it was and what you do I was game. At my local Best Buy I purchased the Sims 4 with an expansion pack. I couldn’t wait to get home and play it; maybe I wouldn’t feel so lonely and can connect more with my husband and boys.

There was one particular night where my husband and sons decided to go to the place called Ignite off of Belmont. It was boy’s night out and I’m sure that place is where they’ll do their gaming for the night. This created the perfect time for me to play around with my new computer game. After installing and updating I was finally able to create my Sim family and begin the process.

Each Sim was the exact replication of me and my family down to the hairstyles and clothing. I built and create a home similar to the one we live in now, and decorated the rooms almost as similar to how the inside of my home is now. It was now going on ten o’clock by the time I got tired; I was on the Sims since four o’clock. After saving and shutting down the game my family walked in. I gave my husband a soft kiss on the lips before he went upstairs to prepare for bed, and my boys excitedly told me about their night at Ignite. I’ll tell them about my night another time, I said to myself.

The next morning after a huge breakfast, my husband and boys left to do some fishing at the lake. I fired up my laptop and turned on the Sims as I drunk the last bit of my coffee. The man and woman were now established in their careers and the boys were now settled into school. We didn’t have much money, but that was ok. There was soon to be a turn in financials. It was almost time for the boys to be back, so I started to finish up most of what I was doing on the Sims and then something strange happened.

In the game, I noticed that my seventeen year old son was stealing money from my purse. I clicked on him and I could swear he stared up at me before the game finished saving and cut off. Odd, I thought. I didn’t know there was an option to steal money like that on this game. The thought left my mind when I realized I had to go to the grocery store. Grabbing my purse, I headed to the car and made my way to Jewel’s Osco.

It didn’t take long to gather all of the ingredients for the casserole that I was making later tonight. The cashier was nice and had a great smile which made me smile until it was time to pay. Reaching in my wallet I noticed that there was some money missing. There was twenty dollars gone, and I have no idea where I had spent it. Proceeding to pay with my card, my mind flashed back to my son in the Sims game. No, that’s just a silly game, I say to myself.

When I got home and finished making dinner, my boys walked in. I couldn’t help but stare at my eldest son, Dylan who seemed a bit off. I remember asking him if he was ok, but he proceeded to say he’s fine and stormed off to his bedroom. I looked at my husband with inquiring eyes.

“He’s upset that he didn’t catch any fish today, but Bob caught five,” he states.

“Look mom! I caught five today on my own,” my other son Bob exclaimed. Bob was Dylan’s twin.

After congratulating him and taking the fish we all proceeded with dinner except for Dylan. He wanted to eat upstairs in his room alone. My husband and I washed the dishes together and made light conversation. After things settled in for the night, we all slept peacefully to prepare for this week.

I fired up the laptop after everyone had left for work and school. I was a stay at home mother, but did have a small business that I ran along with my own food blog. Time was more available since I created my own hours. Things were going well until I started noticing something about my husband. He would flirt and flirt with different women without my command, and at one point he slept with another woman. Now, I know all of this is just a game and isn’t real, but the jealousy I felt was there. Not only that, the boys started arguing and fighting more and more.

My Sim worked long hours and never was at home most of the time so her relationship with the family wasn’t too good; however, she did get them to the state of being wealthy with ease. Her not being there seemed to result in a bit of animosity being held towards here, and she would get into fights with her husband. Something else weird happened as the game moved into next day. The two boys were at the beach during school hours. I tried to click the option to “go to work” which was school for them, but it didn’t work. They stayed at the beach and argued about something; you know how they speak gibberish on there.

Dylan ended up hitting Bob in the face making him fall back into the water. Without hesitation Dylan went after his twin and somehow proceeded to drown him. You saw the weeping ghost of Bob rise from his floating dead corpse and disappear. Dylan ran off back to school. Horrified I saved and turned the game off to give myself a break. I didn’t know much about the game, but I’m sure none of what happened should have been. It took a while to calm down after that, but this deep foreboding feeling wouldn’t leave my chest.

It wouldn’t be long before the boys would be home, so I proceeded to finish up laundry. I was folding my husband’s work pants when I saw something fall to the floor. A piece of torn paper lay at my feet and my heart stopped once I saw what the content on it was.

Stacey 773-555-5555 💋

Why he would have this, I asked myself. My husband is one of the sweetest and honest men I know. He couldn’t possibly be cheating, I tell myself. Doubts started to form as my memory takes me back to the character I created of him in the game. How he flirted and slept around like he was still a young bachelor. It’s just a game, I keep telling myself. I continue to fold with the thought of confronting him scratching at the back of my mind.

Around five o’clock that evening, Fred walks in the door. He seems a bit off, but work seemed to be a bit busy due to this time of year. It was always busy once the weather in Chicago warmed. I walk up and give him a peck on the lips, and that’s when I smell it. Perfume. Without thought I tell him to sit down and placed the torn paper on his lap.

“Who is she and how long have you been fucking behind my back?” I ask in a calm tone.

He didn’t even glance at the paper. He already knew what it was.

“Look honey, I can explain. She’s just someone new that I work with and she has a bit of a crush on me. That’s all,” he stutters out. His eyes are wide like a child is getting caught when done something bad.

I can’t remember what I did or said next but the arguing started; Things were tossed and broken. Tears and curses flowed through the air while shards of glass from the coffee table and vases littered the floor. Dylan happened to walk in during the middle of the argument. I noticed his eyes were a little sunken in and his aura was different than normal. My husband and I quieted to greet him, but all were we left with was Dylan’s back. We looked at each other and stared at the door waiting for Bob to come in after him. He didn’t.

It was just after ten o’clock that night when we got the knock at the door. Behind the curtains, you saw flashing red and blue lights illumination the front yard. We were calling Bob and searching for him for the past couple of hours. Dylan was of no help and stayed locked in his room.

“Hi, are you Ms. Jones?” asks the office who knocked. I shook my head yes. “We found Bob.”

“Oh God. Where is he?” I ask while looking behind the officer hoping to see Bob coming through the door.

“I have some unfortunate news. We did find him, but he’s no longer with us.”

“Where?” I ask the officer hysterically. “Where did you find my son!”

The officer tried to calm me down, but to no avail. He knew I wouldn’t calm down until I had my answer.

“His body was found floating in Lake Michigan. It looked like he drowned. I’m sorry.”


Image: From Pintrest

So I’m someone who loves playing the Sims so I had the idea to create a creepy story involving a game that I love. I don’t play it too often, I find myself writing every day than playing that, but I do play it for hours when I do. Please let me know what you think of it, and feel free to comment an obsession of yours. I would love to read about it.