Blackened and bloody I am thee as I lay to waste.

Ruby liquid of iron flows from my mouth with a penny-like taste.

Dried up tears leaves tracks upon my dirty face.

It’s getting so quiet that I can no longer hear my heart race.

Such is the the state you left my vast heart in.

Lying alone and cold on the floor feeling nothing but bitterness within.

I try to call the time where your sincerity started to thin.

I’m comforted by thoughts of you burning in hell for this sin.

I trusted you and gave my all to you in the most sincere way.

I thought you were appreciative and loved me so you decided to stay.

But all you wanted to do was use me after you went out to play.

It was my own naivety that made me think you’d always stay.

Tossed to the side as if I had never truly mattered.

Now here I lay broken, bruised, and battered.