With a twitch of my fingers you’ll find that

I can make sparks fly.

Fictitious is my outer appearance

but what’s inside is what I try to hide.

Waterfalls of black hair lay gently

against the curve of my back.

Words of rhythm will assault you and

make you hope for all that you lack.

Mysterious; an enigma you

hope to lay claim to.

But one should be careful with

a soul who knows voodoo.

Captured by my essence which

would seem so pure.

With just a sway of my hand you have

no idea of the pain you’ll endure.

I’ll make you purr like a cat with

just one small spell.

Or you could sip this potion I conjured

that will allow you to experience hell.

Binding you to me I draw you in

so you can’t escape.

Because of the illusion you see before you

is now part of your cruel fate.


Image: Pulled from the internet