We dance with vigor alongside the moon’s luminescent gaze.

A symphony of laughs echo through night’s silent void.

Wide smiles adorn masked faces and ruby covered bodies.

Songs sung in drunken splendor roam carelessly through the sky.

We hope to attract any who may be roaming nearby.


Tambourines shake and jingle as we surround blazing flames.

New comers stand by in stupor at the sight seen before them.

Fear permeates the air as the prior excitement starts to wane.

The visitors walk toward us not knowing how their lives are about to change.


Yips and yells ring out into the night as we surround them.

Fear turns to wonder as they watch our displays of magic.

They had no clue that the next move would be so tragic.


Ribbons of their blood flow aimlessly through the air.

You heard the moans of pleasure from every gypsy there.


Then we begin to dance again without one care.