Have I told you how cold I’ve been lately? It feels as if I have been holding ice in my hands, but it’s highly unlikely for me to do that. I hate holding or touching anything cold unless it’s on a hot and humid day. If you’ve known me for some time then you know my hands and feet are always cold with a bit of anemia going on. Somehow, it’s different now. I’ve never been able to feel how cold they could be, but now I can; so much that you can see slivers of smoke dance in the air when the temperature is warm.

It’s caused some distance between my lover and myself lately. He cringed at my touch every time I tried to caress him. The parts of his body that my iced hands graze upon always left a small sheet of frost covering that area. One warm sunny day, he and I were walking down the street and his hand grabbed mine. He shouted in pain and snatched his hand out of mine while looking at me with such contempt. That day the doctor in the emergency room stated that his hand was frostbitten; I cried the entire time.

It wasn’t long before he started becoming distant and then he just no longer appeared before me. It broke my heart being the freak with the cold hands that send everyone running away. It wasn’t long until I started feeling cold inside myself. I veered away from friends and family afraid that with one touch I’d freeze them to death. I lost my job, and my life; everything became consumed by coldness.

My house was an icy haven. The walls and floors were smooth solid ice covering the bright walls and wooden floors that lie just beneath. I was careful to wear leather gloves that prevented me from further freezing the rest of the house. I was the only one unaffected by my touch. I look in the mirror now staring back at a stranger; someone who use to have dark brown shoulder length coils with brown almond eyes and plump lips. Now my hair is platinum blonde and the iris of my eyes are so blue they almost appear as white as the rest of my eye. My plump lips that used to have a brown and pinkish hue now are blue, and I feel the cold seeping from me through the bone.

I don’t know what caused this affliction or how it came to, but I know it ruined me. Walking down the warm streets of Chicago on a summer day with gloves on somehow manages to keep people far away. Riding the “L” redline with no other passengers on the car because of the cold leaves me feeling alone. Eventually I just stopped going out unless it was to the doctor or grocery store. The doctor couldn’t tell me what was wrong either. They examined me and did a number of test but nothing came out as abnormal. It seems that I was an abnormal anomaly in an normal body. With no answers or reasons as to why I was like this, I lost hope for a future, love, and family.

One night, I decided to just let go. I gave up and the result of that still stands today; frozen and still no matter how much ice is chiseled or how much one tried to melt it. The apartment building I now lie in remained frozen for the next 50 years. Every person and animal in the building remained frozen as well. People and scientist from all around the globe came to spectate and examine the strange phenomenon, but no matter who poked and prodded around there was still no answer to what made me a maiden of the arctic.