Morning came and the normal morning routine followed of preparing for work, going to work, and coming home. The girl in the pale blue dress was on my mind the entire day, and it sort of left me in a funk. Around lunch time something had occurred to me as I replayed last night in my head. The wood area we were in looked familiar. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized where it reminded me of.

I come from a small town not too far from where I stay in the city now. There was only one doctor, dentist, a small hospital, and only one fancy restaurant where I’m from. I remember hearing stories about my dentist, Dr. Florenstein, when I was younger. I remember he had a wife, and a little girl. It was said that he gave his family a dental check every single day when he came home for work. People said that his daughter had a cavity and that threw him into a rage since they weren’t allowed to eat candy or sweets. There were rumors going around about how he used to abuse his wife and daughter, but to me they were just rumors. I was a few months away from moving out of my parents’ home when I heard that Dr. Florenstein had killed his wife and child with dental tools. I didn’t go to the dentist often so I wasn’t too concerned about what happened to the Florensteins.

At home I decided to do some research on my home town. There wasn’t much that happened there. The only article that I came across was about the disappearance of the Florensteins. They lived in an old cabin near the woods that weren’t too far from the mountains and the town. It took a while but I finally found a picture of the home online, and what I saw sent chills down my spine. It was the same cabin I saw last night with the little girl in the pale blue dress. The article spoke of not finding any remains and no notion that the family took off. It was a mystery that was left unsolved.

My head was stuck in research for a while till my stomach warned me of its needs.  The clock on the kitchen wall let me know that it was going on nine o’clock at night while I heated up my hot pockets in the microwave; I’ve been doing research since five pm. Sitting at the table, the warmth and flavor of my food satisfied my taste buds as I stayed deep in thought about how to help the little girl. There is no doubt in my mind that what happened the other night was real; however, I was still a little skeptical about telling anyone else.

I ease into the comforts of my bed not too long after closing my laptop. I closed my eyes and waited. The loud sound of my alarm rang throughout the room waking me. It was time to get ready for work. I showered and got ready in a confused daze uncertain as to why the little girl didn’t appear last night. With no answer in mind I went off to work for another long day.

Later that evening I continued my research. How come there were no remains found? I asked myself this question all day. There was only one solution that came to mind. I had to go back to my home town, visit the old cabin, and find the remains myself. What would that do? I asked myself. How would I even begin to explain to others as to why I took interest and why I was in the cabin? One thing I knew for certain was that I had to find them and set them aflame. A couple of paranormal site stated to help a spirit or ghost move on you have to destroy the remains. Maybe that’s what needs to be done in order for me to help the little girl in the pale blue dress.


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