Instead of putting on her boots, she picked them up and headed to the door. It felt as if someone else was controlling my body as my long legs moved towards her with one stride before pinning her against the door. I turned her around and pressed my hands into hers, disabling her movement. She was struggling against me, but all movement ceased as my hand moved up her thigh and landed right between her legs. Wetness between pink folds of flesh dampened my fingers as they spread and explored her warmth.

“Stop,” she moaned, but my hands had a mind of their own. Moving faster in and out of her in inhuman speed left her crying with pleasure as creamy liquid ran down coating my forearm.

I leaned in to kiss the back of her neck and saw the candied apple tattoo again. The churning didn’t return, but a sharp pain hit my gut causing me to move forward. My body pinned hers against the door as the pain that suddenly hit me went away. My erection was pressed against her ass, and I looked back down at the tattoo. Take her, a voice inside my head whispered, and before I knew it she was back struggling as I eased inside her.

“Wait, Ty!” she exclaimed.

I seemed to come out of whatever trance I may have been in and looked at what I was doing. I quickly looked away and stuffed myself back in my pants while apologizing. I felt a little dizzy and my blurred vision kept going in and out.

“Are you ok?” she asked.

I nodded my head and looked at her. She was red and panting, not at all embarrassed by what just happened. The image of what I did seemed to play in and out of my head as if I was watching someone else fuck her with their fingers. She took a few steps towards me, and all I knew was that I was lying on my bed. I couldn’t hear what she was saying. I kept looking at her thighs as that voice once again said, Take her!

“Ty?” she says, staring at my crotch area with wide eyes. She slowly makes her way to me as I sit up in my bed.

“Why did you stop me?” I ask her. Even though it didn’t feel like I was in control, I still wanted to know.

“I’m not sure. I wanted you to keep going, but I ended up saying stop.”

I look her in the eyes and grab her hand. The image of the weird guy crept into my head, and he yelled, Take her now! Before I realized what happened, Violet was underneath me shouting my name as I slammed into her repeatedly. I tried to stop and slow down, but I couldn’t. Something was awfully wrong as I felt myself getting weaker. Violet grabbed the back of my neck, and told me to come. My body moved faster, her head banged against the headboard harder, and then I was coming.

It felt as if the life was being drained from my body. Her swollen sex felt hot and seemed to pull the life from me. My vision starts to go in and out as I look at Violet. Things went blurry for one second and when things came back into focus…I screamed. This gut wrenching sound escaped my throat as I watched Violet shift to the old weird guy from the grocery store. I watch as my skin turned pale and wrinkly, and his grew brighter and smoother. His naked body beneath me grew younger as I aged rapidly. His wide violet eyes stared at me in amusement as he got from underneath me.

“You have paid your price,” he said, and then he was gone. I lie in my bed trying to understand what happened, but all along I knew. He stole my youth. I look down at an unrecognizable body, and wept.

Weeks later, I’m in a grocery store outside of Kansas City. I stand in the corner holding a tray of candied apples, waiting. A young man approaches me with a young woman on his arm. He smiles at me as if he knows me. His violet eyes connect with mines, and then I realize. This is the person who stole my youth, the one I traded places with. He smiled this Cheshire cat grin before moving forward with his friend. Now I wait for my chance to get back what was stolen, and once I do, I’ll find him and kill him. All because of a candied apple.


Previously: The Bad Apple: Part 2