The next few weeks were ok. Well, more than ok. I have been having a blast. Seeing friends off, partying and going to orientation and meeting new people has my spirits high. I even met one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen too. Life couldn’t have been better for me. All of my dreams were coming true. I have a full ride scholarship due to basketball at Kansas State University, and will be majoring in Business Management in hopes of either making it into the NBA or taking over my father’s family business. My father manages and owns a line of hotels along the southern coast of the U.S.

It was that first night to my dorms. The drive there was a smooth one, but the churning in my stomach came back. It grew stronger the closer I drove towards my destination, and it didn’t stop until I walked into my dorm. Maybe I should see a doctor about my stomach, I think to myself. All thoughts of it were nixed when I saw who my roommate was. It was Lenny Stevens, my best friend from high school. We were both elated to have a room together, but more so off of the luck I seemed to have been developing lately. Good things were coming in stride, but it felt like something bad was coming for me.

Later that night Lenny decided to have us go to a frat party down the street; possibly to pick up some girls to bring back to the room after getting wasted. The house was a three story Victorian style home, and each floor seemed to be flooded with college students. At some point, Lenny got lost in the sway of the dancing crowd. That’s when I saw her, the girl from orientation. She happened to be the most beautiful girl I ever laid eyes on. She appeared unlike any of the girls I went to school with.

She had long waist length raven hair with one streak of blue in the front. I noticed it from the first day I saw her because it tended to caress the left side of her round face. Her skin was paler than any person I have seen. It was close to porcelain. She was pretty thin, with a lanky figure, but it was her eyes that captured me. Those eyes, so dark a blue, that they almost looked violet in color. Her cheeks turned rosy. Probably from my constant staring at her, but it couldn’t be helped. She looked down to the floor after meeting my gaze for a moment.

It took every ounce of courage I had to approach her, which was weird. I never get nervous when it comes to women, but I’m sure this girl was not like your average woman. I hesitated for a moment as that churning in my stomach began. I, however, decided to ignore it. Every step that I took towards her left my stomach in scrambles. The pain increased with every agonized move towards her, but that did not stop me. Must be butterflies, I try to convince myself, but I just had to meet her. That feeling of dread and the churning of my stomach eased, and with just a simple introduction and hand shake, everything stopped.

Her hand fit perfectly into mines as if completing a puzzle. Her hands were a little colder, yet they were as soft as silk. Our eyes met again, and we both turned red. We were still holding each other’s hand. It felt like forever that we had been standing there staring at each other not saying a word. I almost forgot her name, and almost forgot that we were at a party standing in the swaying crowd of drunken college students.

“Violet,” I whisper her name. Such a name that matches a perfect set of almond shaped violet eyes was almost too surreal. Her face turned a little redder making her look like a tomato.

“Yes?” she replied in a small voice. It was almost childlike…innocent, but the very tone of her voice sent chills down my spine causing flooding to my…lower brain.

Hoping that my erection would die down and go unnoticed, I compose myself. After clearing my throat I ask, “Would you like to go to some place quieter?”

She didn’t even say anything, she just shook her head, and with that I took her hand and we departed. The walk back to the dorms was a quiet one. We didn’t speak to one another, just glanced and met eyes ever so often. It was like we were speaking and connecting on a higher level than any set of words could ever reach. I was in awe. I’ve never connected to anyone like this in my entire life.

Lenny wasn’t there when we arrived. He must have still been at the party, but that makes complete sense. I was there for all of ten minutes before running into Violet. She sat down on the bed, and looked at me. I move some things out of the way and sit next to her.

“Sorry for the mess. I literally just got here before heading to the party,” I explain.

She just looked at me and smiled. Red full lips adorned pearly straight white teeth, and I couldn’t help but feel the jolt run through my heart. Have I told you how beautiful she was?

“It’s ok Ty. Oh!” she exclaims. “May I call you that?”

I nod yes, as I am still not able to speak. At that moment she could have asked to call me George and I would have agreed. She blushed and turned her head slightly to the right exposing part of her neck. I notice a symbol of a tattoo near the back. I didn’t notice before since her long hair had covered.

“What kind of tattoo do you have?” I ask.

She smiled and moved her hair out of the way. A chill ran down my spine as I saw what it was. It was that of a candied apple, and not just any one. Her tattoo looks just like the candied apple that I took from that freak when I was a child. The churning I felt in my stomach earlier has now returned, and it’s even greater. Violet turned around and asked if I was feeling alright, but I didn’t reply. It felt like I was going to vomit, and it was taking everything in me not too. Why does she have that tattoo?

“Ty, are you ok? You don’t look so well,” she says.

I looked at her eyes and they seemed to be red in color, but only for a moment before turning back their shade of blue. Now I’m seeing things.

“I’m sorry. I’m not feeling well, it’s my stomach again. Maybe you should go; this feels like it’s going to get ugly.”

After a couple of minutes of convincing her to leave, I ran to the bathroom. I dry heave a couple of times before vomiting. It felt as if large lumps were making its way up my esophagus. Once done I took a look down at the contents in the bowl. My blood ran cold. Large bits and pieces of apple, caramel, and nuts floated in the toilet, but that’s not even the most surprising part. It was all rotted with black mold and maggots moving about. And the scariest part of all is that I haven’t eaten an apple or even a candied apple since the one I ate as a child.

I see red without even opening my eyes letting me know the sun is out. I sit up and look around and see that I’m in bed. How did I get here? The last thing I remember is throwing up and seeing the contents. Did I pass out? I see Lenny sitting up on his bed staring at me before I hear the snores of the woman sleeping next to him.

“You must have gotten pretty wasted dude. A guy found you in the bathroom passed out last night,” he says while smirking.

“Seems like you had a good time yourself,” I reply. I didn’t want to tell him that I didn’t have one sip of alcohol last night. I don’t want to speak of what I vomited.

“A couple of people said you left with Violet. Is that true?”

“Yea, but she didn’t stay long. I started feeling sick and told her to go.”

Lenny then got up and crossed the room. He was pretty tall with olive toned skin and hair so blonde it was almost white. He sat on the bed next to me, and moved his bangs from his face that revealed hazel eyes.

“You should stay away from her. I heard a few of the girls talking, and stated she’s bad news. They said something about her killing someone when she was younger or maybe being involved in witchcraft. I don’t know, but I met her. She’s creepy,” he says.

“You don’t know her. She’s pretty nice, a little odd, but she seems to be ok to me,” I say in her defense.

“Your funeral,” he jokes.

In the back of my mind I know that it wasn’t a joke. It was a warning like what happened last night. I think back to the creepy man from the grocery store and how his threatening words didn’t seem like anything to be worried about. He wants my youth…. certainly the man must be crazy. How can someone give them their youth?

Putting it all from my mind, I get up to go to the bathroom. After showering and brushing my teeth I make my way back to my room to start cleaning when a texted came through to my phone.

HI- Violet

Stunned to see that she was texting me, I text back: SUP. Sup? Really? I couldn’t have just typed hi back?

I didn’t receive an immediate reply back, so I started unpacking and straightening up the dorm. About three hours must have passed before I got a reply.


JUST FINISHED UNPACKING. YOU? – I reply as I go to sit on the window seal.


I turned and looked out the window to see her standing on the side walk parallel to my dorm window staring up at me. I must admit that it freaked me out pretty well, but not as much as her red eyes. She had the tiniest smile on her face. In a split second her eyes go back to their original color. Now I know I’m not seeing things.

I just sat there looking out the window watching her stare up at me from below. The churning in the pit of my stomach returned, and it felt as if I was going to hurl right then and there. My phone pinged that I received a message, and for a split second I checked to see who it was.


After a brief reply, I look out of the window and that she was gone. Not sure what to make of it all, I lie down to take a nap. Knock knock. Soft tapping from my door startled me. I ask who it is before taking a step out of bed, and that’s when I hear her voice.

“It’s me, Violet.”

For a moment, I hesitated getting up to answer the door. It didn’t take me long to maek my way there. As the door slowly inched open, you heard the creaking of its hinges resonating within the room, and there she stood. Her black locs were gathered into a loose bun sitting at the crown of her head while her baby hairs caressed the back and front of her head. Her bright red lipstick was the only color she wore against alabaster skin covered in a short black dress and boots. She looks up to me, and says a simple hi. She sounded a little different than last night.

“Hi,” I say back just completely staring at her.

“Are you busy?” she asks as she stares right back at me.

Her violet eyes pierced mine, and before I can answer she eased her way past me and sat on the bed. She removed her boots, and puts her feet up. Her dress was loose and short enough for me to see rounded cheeks underneath as she moved to get comfortable on the bed. She looks to the side of her and pats down letting me know she wants me next to her. She seems to be less timid than I assumed her to be since last I saw her.

Without hesitation I sat next to her and asked, “What are you doing here?”

She seemed a little taken aback. It’s probably because my tone may have been a little less than friendly, but it has nothing to do with her. The churning in my abdomen continues to bother me.

“I’m sorry maybe I should go,” she said as she got up.

I did want her to leave, but felt my hand grab her arm and pull her back down to the bed. Instead she fell on top of me. Her dress was up over her bottom, and I saw that underneath she wore no underwear. Without one thought I touched her bare skin and caressed it. She made a little moan before she grabbed my hands and pushed me away. Standing she gathered herself and fixed her clothing, but not before I saw her pink little pearl. The aroma of her arousal permeated the room, enticing me.

Face red from embarrassment, she looks at me and says, “I’m sorry. I have to go. I’ll see you around campus Ty.”


Previously: The Bad Apple: Part 1