We all have a specific place or area that creeps us out completely. Every time you step foot in that place chills roll down you spine and the hairs on your arm stick straight up from the goose bumps you get as well. That one place for me are attics. I know it’s a bit weird but after I explain you’ll understand where I’m coming from. I’m sure if there was a survey, the attic would be in the top three of creepy places.

Attics are usually filled with dust and antiques from the past of your family or the family before you. Books and old broken trinkets litter the area, and you’ll occasionally find a dead animal or two there. Some people would find attics to be a treasure chest or something historic, but for me it’s something else. It’s more of a place where most spirits dwell, most secrets are kept, and just down right creepy as hell.

Now I know some of you will say, “You’ve seen too many scary movies,” or “You ready too many books,” but I can assure you that I do; however, they’re only part of the reason as to why I do not like attics. I’ll tell you all about a recent experience with an attic. I can assure you that if you’ve asked any of my siblings, they would be able to confirm what I’m about to tell you as well as give you some of their own stories.

Now my mom has a one flat home in Indiana that she’s been living in for a few years now. For the longest I didn’t realize that that home has an attic. My mother and siblings that stay with her have never been up there. Sometimes you hear little critters running around during the warm seasons, but that not all. We believe her home to have a spirit there. What makes us think that? I’ll tell you a bit.

So one of my family members have a dog, and left her with us to watch one weekend at my mom’s house. Amoona was doing fine and was happy during her stay, but there was one place she wouldn’t go into and that was the kitchen. She would fight us when we tried to bring her in and she would stare and growl at times. Creepy right? She only confirmed what we thought to be a spirit in the house. Animals are a lot more tuned to these things than most humans.

In the middle of the night you can sometimes hear things happening in the kitchen with no one inside. Creeped out yet? I am just from talking about it. Now in the laundry room is where the attic is. I never noticed it before till I looked up and saw a key sticking out of it. Now has any one of us gone up there? No. Hell no. Although, I have had that curiosity inside me that wanted to go up and explore. I destroyed that feeling. Plus in any movie, book or story that you’ve read or seen, isn’t the attic usually one of those places where shit happens? Isn’t it one of those places where people find some bad stuff? Surely you’ve thought about where they get these stories from, right? There is always truth behind every story told.

It’s not enough for you, right? The little things that I’ve stated so far isn’t enough to creep most people out, but then again most people ignore these things. I’m just about convinced to grab a sage stick and burn it in her house, but I have an inkling that it would make things worse instead of better. Sometimes you just have to leave the unknown alone, and maybe they’ll do the same. That’s part of the reason as to why no one has gone into the attic. We feel something may have happened in that home. I mean, why else would my mother’s room be the only one in the entire house with burgundy carpet?


All of what I’ve told you all is real. I have no reason to make things up and I’m positive that many of you have a story of your own. I’d like to hear about it in the comment section. I love hearing you all’s experiences as well as sharing my own.

Also sorry to my family if I spelled the dog’s, Amoona, name wrong.