I’m not someone who experiences nightmares often. I can literally recall of having only two during my twenty six years of living. There is this one nightmare I remembered having when I was younger, I really can’t recall the age I was. Now don’t laugh when you read this. I was terrified and woke up screaming as a child, and till this day it’s still a bit scary.

I remember going to bed in my old twin size bed that sat perpendicular to my bedroom door. My room was dark with no slither of light coming from the window. My mother and her friend were in the living room as I was going to bed. I usually stare at my ceiling in the dark till I doze off to sleep, and that night I specifically remember my bedroom door being open.

I was still staring up at my ceiling in the dark when I saw a streak of lightening cross my vision. A moment later the loud clap of thunder forced me to sit upright in my bed. Looking around all I saw was darkness and nothing else besides the continuing lightning and thunder. I heard a shuffle behind me and I turned my head slightly. There sat a wolf on top of a hill and in the back was an all-black wolf.

 At this point in time I was assuming that I was awake. I felt a cool breeze, and that’s when I heard it. The wolf threw back its head and howled so loud it made me scream. It felt as if the animal was right in front of me. Still lightening and thundering as my screams echo in my ear and then the wolf slowly turns its head towards me.

That’s where the dream ended. I woke to my mom shaking me and telling me to wake up. She said I had a bad dream and was screaming. That was the first time I had ever had a nightmare and it had left me slackened, but more curious as to what it could mean. Of course the curiosity waned because I was young and went on to the next thing that interested me, but now I’m curious and looked into a couple things about dreams.

I read online that the meaning of a wolf in a dream can mean a number of things such as something that is wild and uncivilized about ourselves, could be a warning of acting too wildly, or a guide to find our true self. I get it, but what would that mean to a child. I wasn’t the wild and unruly type, although I often got in trouble from plots and schemes with my younger siblings. Even thinking about it, it still has me confused.

Now the meaning of the lightening in a dream is a warning of a sudden or unexpected problem that is approaching. Thunder represents there being a great danger in life or faithful friends will desert you and the full moon I saw represents a couple of things. The avoidance of responsibilities and bad behavior represent the full moon; however, it also represents magic, mystery and romance.

Even with the information I read about dreams it still leaves me a bit confused. I must say that my dream could be interpreted as me having to come to terms with facing my responsibilities or it could lead to trouble down the road. That’s a little much for a child to be having right? Maybe, maybe not; I do know that I had to grow up quickly at a young age. Life will do that to you. Hope you all had fun reading this.

 Tell me about some of the nightmares you all have had and what you interpreted them as in the comment section below or feel free to email me.