All of my life I have dealt with unexplained things that most people have not experienced or have ignored. From spirits to visions to feeling threatened by a spirit, there is no shortage of what I can tell you all. Some may think me crazy, some may think me special, but I think I am just a bit clairvoyant. It just depends on the person and their beliefs. I’ve very spiritual and believe in the spirit world. Now I have many stories throughout my twenty-six year life span that’ll have you pause. I’ll just tell you about this one where I was threatened by a spirit.

When I was younger I stayed with my grandmother on the south side of Chicago in a neighborhood we called the Gardens. My grandmother stayed in the same place she grew up in with her mother, brothers, and sister so a lot of history was in that place. My mother was staying with my grandmother when I was born and so I grew up in that house. I’m unsure of my age when my mother and I had moved out, but I ended up living with my grandmother again at the age of seventeen.

At that time I was at the point of awareness of my abilities to differentiate the energy between a person, an object, and a spirit. I’ve always visited my grandmother, but it wasn’t until I started living with her that I started noticing something. When my grandmother was younger she did hair, and there was this corner in the living room where there is a huge closet that was also next to the entrance of the kitchen. In this area is where she did hair.

I was with her for about a month before I started noticing that corner. Her health had started declining a bit and wasn’t able to move up and down the stairs like she used to. It was then when she started asking if I could get her water at night. Now I didn’t mind doing this at first. I’d go down stairs and walk through the living room in the dark, walk past the dark corner where she did hair, and enter the kitchen. Well, it wasn’t completely dark. The street lights crept in between the blinds and gave the living room a little bit of light, and there was a small light in the kitchen on at all times.

Even with that, the dark corner was still encased in shadow. The first night I had gone to get her some water I noticed how dark the corner was. No light touched it. I proceeded to get her water with no problem; however, the next time I did so I got a different result. I noticed the energy in the area was a little bit different than what I’ve ever experienced before and it made me a bit weary. It didn’t seem right to me.

After a month, instead of walking downstairs through the relative dark and walking past that dark corner, I started sprinting downstairs with a flash light in my hand terrified of walking past that corner to get to the kitchen. There was a malevolent energy in that corner and after a while I felt like at any moment I was going to be attacked. Have you ever noticed the energy of someone angry? It was like that, but more. Like I knew at some point I was going to get hurt, and that’s how it was for me with that corner. Never have I been afraid of the dark, but that opened a door of fear for me.

My grandmother started noticing what I was doing and asked me what was happening. I told her. She stated how I was always like that since I was a child, and that she knew there were some bad spirits in the house. She called them demons and stated I needed bible study. At that point a lot of things became clear to me. I finally got one piece of me figuring out who I am, but it also caused a great fear to appear in me.

I’m not religious in any way. I sort of don’t believe in religion, but I believe in spirituality. I’m not sure what that makes me, but it is of no concern. I considered doing bible study, but the more I learned the more things like this started happening. I felt more and more spirits, and started getting more visions. Then I stopped. I was afraid I was opening a door to something that would have led me to something dark, but now as I’ve gotten older and gained more understanding I realize my fear laid in the ignorance that I held. I didn’t know how to protect myself against things spiritual.

My father, when he decided to be around, told me a few more things about my ancestry. I have Cherokee Native American in my blood, and my great-great-grandmother on his side was a white witch. Stated she healed others using the bibles and was able to experience many of the things I was experiencing. I’m unsure of whether to believe him or not till this day. He called a gift. Maybe it is.

Over the years I started mediating and reading the bible. I’m now secure in my abilities, but I have closed myself off to the experiences so they rarely happen. Recently I’ve been having more visions and my awareness of what’s around has increased. Most people are clairvoyant. Having instinct is considered an ability. God gave us this ability, but many do not use it in this day and age. I’m unsure of what’s to come with being able to do the things I can. I know I’m not alone and it’s gotten me away from a lot of bad situations. I guess I’ll just wait and see.

Image: Forever Conscious


I just want to say that everything that I wrote is true. I wanted to share this experience with you all, and there will be more to come. At first I used to tell people this just to get a reaction out of them, which was until most of the people shared their own experiences. If you go through any of this you aren’t alone. I welcome you without judgment. Most people wouldn’t believe us or understand, and that’s ok.

If you’ve had similar experiences or stories, feel free to contact me. You never know the knowledge you can gain from speaking to others.